Event Information

2015 GSA Symposium Casper

Symposium, May 21-23, Rocky Mountain GSA Section Meeting in Casper, Wyoming in May, 2015. The topic is Brittle Structures of Rocky Mountain Reservoirs and Reservoir Analogs. S. E. Laubach session organizer.

2014 FRAC Annual Meeting | Texas Hill Country

Fracture Research & Application Consortium Meeting 

Hill Country FRAC Meeting

September 15-17, Camp Balcones Springs, near Austin, Texas. Workshop, technical sessions, & field trip. Contact Julia Gale for agenda and invitation.

Details available on FRAC website.

2014 GSA Annual Meeting Geomechanics Session

Applications of Structural Geology and Geomechanics in the Petroleum Industry (T190) is being organized as a technical session for the GSA Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Peter Hennings, Steve Davis, and Steve Laubach are organizing and chairing the session

Abstract submission at GSA | Deadline for abstracts is 29 July

2014 EGU Meeting

Relationships between induced seismicity and fluid injection: development of strategies to manage injection: Eichhubl, Frolich, Gale, Olson, Fan, Gono — EGU2014-14451

Synkinematic quartz cementation in partially open fracture in sandstone: Ukar, Laubach, Fall, Eichhubl | EGU2014-4545

Matrix-fracture connectivity in Eagle Ford shale: Landry, Tokan-Lawal, Prodanovic, Eichhubl | EGU2014-14544

Effects of coupled structural and diagenetic processes on deformation localization and flow properties of deformation bands in sandstone: Elliot, Eichhubl, Landry | EGU2014-9363

2014 AAPG Convention, Houston

Fracture growth processes in sandstone inferred from textural and fluid inclusion investigations of crack-seal fracture cements: Alzayer, Fall, Laubach, Eichhubl

How tight was the Williams Fork tight gas reservoir at the time of gas generation and fracturing, Piceance Basin, Colorado? Ozkan, Bonnell, Milliken, Laubach, Cumella

2014 Workshop | Austin 

FRAC picnic

Olson and his students at 2014 SDI student event

Effects of concurrent cement precipitation on fracture growth: Fracture reconstructions and linked geomechanical and diagenetic models: Open discussion workshop

January 31, Austin, Texas | Followed by: FRAC Picnic & SDI Student Event on February 1st

Contact Steve Laubach for more information.

2013 FRAC Annual Meeting | Austin

Fracture Research & Application Consortium Meeting

September 16-17, Austin, Texas

Details available on FRAC website.

Fracture Research & Application Consortium Field Trip

September 11-13, Calgary. Space limited. (Note that FRAC Research Meeting is in Austin)
Details available on FRAC website.

J. F. W. Gale Distinguished Lecture  | Tour Information

Visiting Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania
7-17 October 2013
Western North America March 3-14, 2014

2013 GSA National Meeting Session | Denver

Structural Geology and Geomechanics in the Petroleum Industry T209
Conveners: Steve Davis, Peter Hennings, S.E. Laubach
Tentative date: October 30. GSA session description and link:
Abstract submission deadline: August, 2013. Meeting 27-30 October 2013

2013 SEG Session Invited Talk | Houston

Are we able to detect and characterize fractures?
Invited lead-off talk: S.E. Laubach: The Geology of Natural Fractures: What do we Need to Know?
Meeting 27 September 2013

2013 URTeC Denver | Meeting Organization

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference
Fracture Characterization Theme Co-Chairs: S.E. Laubach, Shawn Maxwell, Mukul Sharma
Abstract submission deadline: Dec. 12, 2012. Meeting 12-14 August 2013
FRAC presentations: See FRAC website

2013 EGU Vienna | Technical Session & Talks

Fractured reservoirs: Structure, mechanics, reactions, and flow TS2.3/ERE5.5
Conveners: John Hooker, Joseph Cartwright, Peter Eichhubl
Session description and link to abstract submission site:
Abstract submission deadline: January 9, 2013. Meeting 7-12 April 2013

2013 AAPG Convention Pittsburgh

Reservoir Deformation Research Group Tuesday evening, May 21
Conveners: S.E. Laubach for P. Hennings
Meeting 21 May 2013

2013 GSA South-Central Section Meeting, Austin

Fractures, faults, and fluids: From observations to numerical models
Technical Session chairs: Estibalitz Ukar and Jack Sharp
Abstract submission deadline: January 15, 2013. Meeting 4-5 April 2013

2013 AAPG Chas. Taylor Fellowship

Science publishing | CTF Award lecture
Conveners: S. Laubach, M. Sweet, C. North
Award Lecture: Rob Lander
Meeting: Invitation only. Houston, TX. Meeting 4 February, 2013
Lecture is open to the public.

2012 AGU Meeting | SDI Participation

Faults, fractures, and fluid flow
For more information contact: Peter Eichhubl

AGU 2012 SDI-FRAC Chaired Sessions: Faults, Fractures, & Fluid Flow

MONDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2012, 1:40 PM – 3:40 PM; 309 (Moscone South) Session T13J. Faults, Fractures, & Fluid Flow in Georesources: Physical, Chemical, & Transport Processes & Models III Convener(s): Peter Eichhubl (Bureau of Economic Geology) & Rasoul Sorkhabi (Energy Geoscience Inst)

Peter Eichhubl, Session Chair

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2012, 8:00 AM – 12:20 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South) Session T21B. Faults, Fractures, & Fluid Flow in Georesources: Physical, Chemical, & Transport Processes and Models V Posters Convener(s): Peter Eichhubl (Bureau of Economic Geology), Valeri Korneev (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Nina Kukowski (University of Jena) & Jonas Kley (Univ Goettingen)
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2012, 1:40 PM – 3:40 PM; 307 (Moscone South) Session MR23D. Mudstone Multiphysics: Matrix to Fractures & Back Again I Convener(s): Thomas Dewers (Sandia National Laboratories), Jason Heath, Peter Eichhubl (Bureau of Economic Geology) & Marcelo Sanchez (TAMU-Civil Engineering)
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 05, 2012, 1:40 PM – 6:00 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South) Session MR33B. Mudstone Multiphysics: Matrix to Fractures & Back Again II Posters Convener(s): Thomas Dewers (Sandia National Laboratories), Jason Heath, Peter Eichhubl (Bureau of Economic Geology) & Marcelo Sanchez (TAMU)

AGU 2012 SDI-FRAC Presentations

MONDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2012  2:25 PM – 2:40 PM, Session T13J. Faults, Fractures, & Fluid Flow in Georesources: Physical, Chemical, & Transport Processes & Models III
Peter Eichhubl; András Fall; Masa Prodanovic; Tobias Weisenberger; Estibalitz Ukar; Stephen Laubach; Julia F. Gale: Chemical-mechanical interactions during natural fracture growth in tight gas and oil reservoirs: Implications for flow during reservoir charge and production
MONDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2012 3:10 PM – 3:25 PM, Session T13J. Faults, Fractures, and Fluid Flow in Georesources: Physical, Chemical, & Transport Processes & Models III
András Fall; Peter Eichhubl; Stephen Laubach; Robert J. Bodnar:  Timing and duration of gas charge-driven fracturing in tight-gas sandstone reservoirs based on fluid inclusion observations: Piceance Basin, Colorado
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2012, 8 AM Session T21A, Faults, Fractures, & Fluid Flow in Georesources: Physical, Chemical, & Transport Processes & Models IV Posters
Jonathan R. Major; Peter Eichhubl; Alexander Urquhart; Thomas A. Dewers:  Effects of fault-controlled CO2 alteration on mineralogical and geomechanical properties of reservoir and seal rocks, Crystal Geyser, Green River, Utah
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2012, 8 AM Session T21A, Faults, Fractures, & Fluid Flow in Georesources: Physical, Chemical, & Transport Processes & Models IV Posters
Estibalitz Ukar; Peter Eichhubl; András Fall; John N. Hooker: Structural-diagenetic controls on fracture opening in tight gas sandstone reservoirs, Alberta Foothills
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2012, 8 AM, Session T21A, Faults, Fractures, & Fluid Flow in Georesources: Physical, Chemical, & Transport Processes & Models IV Posters
John N. Hooker; Peter Eichhubl; Stephen Laubach: Reconstructing the growth of a fracture set using fluid inclusion microthermometry, El Alamar Formation (Triassic), NE Mexico
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2012, 1:40 PM, Session H23E, Reactive Transport in Permeable Media II Posters
Yashar Mehmani; Tie Sun; Matthew Balhoff; Steven L. Bryant; Peter Eichhubl: A multiblock approach to pore-scale modeling of reactive transport with applications to carbon sequestration
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2012, 1:40 PM, Session H53G. Theoretical, Numerical, & Experimental Advances in Pore Scale Investigation of Porous Media III Posters
Adenike Tokan-Lawal; Weiwei Wang; Masa Prodanovic: Relating tortuosity and permeability in microfractured and unfractured porous media

2012 GSA Meeting Charlotte

The Role of Structure and Diagenesis in Governing Fluid Storage and Flow in Deep Sedimentary Basins with Applications to Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs
Conveners: S.E. Laubach, Christoph Hilgers, Mark A. Evans, M.A. Ellis
Invited talks & Keynote Nov. 6, 2012; Posters Nov. 7, 2012


2012 CSPG Lecture | DL Tour

Structural diagenesis, resource plays, the Highlands of Scotland, and curriculum development
CSPG Technical Luncheon, Calgary, April 10, 2012
Speaker: Stephen E. Laubach
AAPG Distinguished Lecture Tour

2012 IGC Brisbane

34th International Geological Congress, 5-10 August 2012, Brisbane, Australia
  • Weisenberger T. B., Eichhubl, P., Fall A. & Laubach S.
    E.: Fracture degradation by carbonate cement in tight-gas sandstones, Piceance Basin, Colorado (oral presentation)
  • Kousehlar M., Tutti F., Weisenberger, T.B. & Mirnejad H.: Low-temperature mineral formation – feedback on fluid evolution in volcanic rocks of Kahrizak, southern Tehran, Iran (Poster)


Pan-American Current Research on Fluid Inclusions, Windsor, Canada
June 18-20, 2012
  • Fall, A., Weisenberger, T. B., Eichhubl, P., Laubach, S. E., Davis, J.S., Bodnar, R. J.: Diagenetic controls on carbonate fracture cementation in tight-gas sandstones.
  • Bodnar, R., Reynolds, J., Kontak, D., Fall, A.: Practical aspects of fluid inclusion data collection and interpretation

2012 Goldschmidt Conference

Montreal, Canada, June 24-29, 2012

  • Andras Fall, Julia F. W. Gale, Peter Eichhubl, Walaa A. Ali, Stephen E. Laubach, Robert J. Bodnar: Opening-mode fracturing and cementation during hydrocarbon generation in mudrocks: an example from the Barnett Shale, West Texas (Invited).

2012 AAPG Annual Convention

Long Beach, April 22-25, 2012

  • Gale, Julia F.; Pommer, Laura; Ouyang, Xuecheng; Fall, Andras; Eichhubl, Peter; Olson, Jon E.; Laubach, S. E.: Natural Fracture Characterization in Shale-Gas Reservoirs: Spatial Organization and Fracture Sealing.
  • Weisenberger, Tobias B.; Fall, Andras; Hooker, John N.; Eichhubl, Peter; Laubach, S. E.; Davis, J. S.: Predicting Fracture Porosity Degradation by Calcite Cement in Mesaverde Group Sandstones, Piceance Basin, Colorado.
  • Eichhubl, Peter; Gale, Julia F.; Olson, Jon E.; Laubach, S.E.; Hooker, John N.; Fall, Andras; Weisenberger, Tobias B.; Ukar, Estibalitz: What Can Outcrop and Core Based Observations Tell Us About Natural Fractures in Unconventional Reservoirs?
  • Dunphy, Rory; Dola, Jon; Gale, Julia F.: Natural Fracture Stratigraphy of Gas Shales in the Horn River Basin, NEBC, Canada: Relation to Lithostratigraphy and Implications for Hydraulic Fracture Growth.

For copies of slide sets see the FRAC web site (Members).