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Jackson School of Geosciences

Todd Caldwell

Todd  Caldwell
Research Associate - Geomorphologist-Hydrologist, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences

Work: +1 512 471 2003
Office: 2.140.J
Mailcode: E0620
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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Caldwell is a hydrologist and geoscientist specializing in field investigations and numerical modeling associated with near-surface vadose zone hydrology, landscape evolution, and soil moisture/ET. His current research focuses on ecohydrology, soil moisture modeling and monitoring, restoration and characterization of disturbed lands, the characterization and scaling of soils and hydraulic parameters, near-surface geophysics, and parameter optimization and numerical methods.

Student Poster Competition (Second place) - ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting (2011)

The Collin Warden Memorial Endowment - Desert Research Institute (2010)

Member, Geological Society of America (2007)

Member, W-2188 Multi-State Soil Phyics Group (2005)

Member, American Geophysical Society (2001)

Member, Soil Science Society of America (1998)

Arid soil evolution and pedologic development: Process considerations and applications to engineered barrier design, Workshop on Engineered Nuclear Regatory Commission, Barrier Performance Related to Low-Level Radioactive Waste, Decommissioning and Uranium Mill Tailings Facilities, Rockville, MD (2010)

Hydrologic prediction of runoff potential using terrain forecasting, Bunkerville, Nevada, American Society of Flood Plain Managers, Reno, NV (2008)

Hydropedology of canopy-interspace ecosystems in the Mojave Desert: Biotic and abiotic processes, Ecological Society of America, Milwaukee, WI (2008)

2016Spring GEO 391 Vadose Zone Hydrology