Researcher Profile

Jackson School of Geosciences

Timothy A Goudge

Timothy A Goudge
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences

Work: +1 512 232 5762
Office: EPS 1.116
Mailcode: C1160

Tim is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Jackson School of Geosciences. He received his BSc from Queen's University, and his ScM and PhD from Brown University. Tim is a spectroscopist and planetary scientist who is interested in how aqueous surface processes are recorded in landscape topography and geomorphology, and how changes in a planet's surface environment are recorded through time in the mineralogy and stratigraphy of the sedimentary rock record. His research primarily focuses on the use of remote sensing data (e.g., images, topography, imaging spectroscopy) to study the surface geology of Mars.

For more information on Tim's research, visit his research website.

Areas of Expertise

Remote sensing; reflectance spectroscopy; geomorphology; surface processes; martian surface geology; planetary science.