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Jackson School of Geosciences

Tieyuan Zhu

Tieyuan  Zhu
Affiliated Worker, Jackson School of Geosciences


Tieyuan Zhu received his Ph.D. degree in Geophysics from Stanford University in 2014. Tieyuan is an exploration seismologist who seeks to solve challenging energy and environment problems using seismic waves. His interests include advancing understanding of physics of seismic wave propagation in real Earth media (particularly seismic attenuation), time-reversal, seismic inversion & imaging, time-lapse monitoring, and microseismic.

Areas of Expertise

Wave propagation in the earth, seismic attenuation, real-time seismic monitoring of CO2, imaging, tomography, borehole seismology

Jackson Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship - The University of Texas at Austin (2014)

Best Paper Presented by a Student - Society of Exploration Geophysicist (2013)