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Jackson School of Geosciences

Suzanne A Pierce

Suzanne A Pierce
Assistant Professor of Research, Environmental Science Institute, College of Natural Sciences
Assistant Director, Digital Media Collaboratory, Center for Agile Technology

Work: +1 512 954 1810
Office: ACB 3.262
Mailcode: R8700

Suzanne A. Pierce is a Research Scientist with the Texas Advanced Computing Center. She is also a Lecturer for the Environmental Science Institute in the Jackson School of Geosciences. A trained hydrogeologist with a focus on participatory deliberation, Dr. Pierce has prior professional background as a Scientist with Sandia National Laboratories and as the Environmental Manager for one of the world’s largest metals mines.

Dr. Pierce adopts a scholar-practitioner approach to integrate science-based information with human organizational systems for application to groundwater management and energy-water problems. Resultant decision support systems link participatory modeling with simulation, optimization, and multi-stakeholder concerns. Current projects include development of hydroinformatics for sustainable aquifer yield in Central Texas and South Australia, along with creation of the ENCOMPASS cyberinfrastructure for a geothermal basin in the Atacama Desert of Chile. ENCOMPASS is a scientific platform for sharing data, algorithms, and educational modules that has been funded by the Fulbright Nexus program and the Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology for energy, innovation, and engagement.

Areas of Expertise

Integrated Water Resources Management Decision Support Systems Sustainability Science Energy-Water Groundwater Management Participatory Modeling

Research Locations

Current Research Programs & Projects

ENCOMPASS ( view )

NAKFI Fellow / Selected Participant - Keck Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences | 13th Annual National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI) conference, Art and Science, Engineering, and Medicine Frontier Collaborations: Ideation, Translation, & Realization (2015)

Fulbright Nexus - U.S. Department of State (2011)

ICE WaRM Fellow - International Council on Exhchange Water and Resources Managment, Australian Commonwealth (2010)

EPA STAR FELLOW - Science to Achieve Results, Environmental Protection Agency (2002 - 2006)

PEO Scholar - Philanthropical Educational Organization for Women (2002 - 2003)

Graduate Students

Pedro Cuevas , M.S., expected 2015 (Supervisor)
A Civil, Industrial Engineer and currently an Energy and Earth Resources masters student at UT Austin with a background in Energy Efficiency, Biomass and Solar Energy. Interested develop the natural gas resources in the Magallanes Basin in Chile. Expertise include: Entrepreneurship, Energy Consumption in the Commercial and Industrial Sector; Biomass; Solar Energy; Energy Finance.

Colleen Dawes , M.S., expected 2014 (Supervisor)
An Energy and Earth Resources masters student at UT Austin with a background in Environmental Geosciences interested in community and stakeholder engagement to create triple-bottom line solutions to our greatest resource problems in the nexus of energy, water, food and waste. Diverse work and research experience in zero waste planning and development, clean energy technology, nuclear mineralogy and the solar industry. Expertise include: Water Resources Planning and Management; Groundwater Resource Evaluation; Decision Support Systems; Participatory Model Design; Energy, Technology and Policy; Environmental Awareness; Sustainable Practices; Social Responsibility; Waste, Water, Energy and Food Resource Management

Reed A Malin (Supervisor)

2018Spring EER 396 Data Informatics/Intel Sys
2016Summer GEO w671T Intell Systm Geosciences-Mex
2016Spring EVS 151 Envir Sci Professionalism II
2015Fall GEO 371T Decision Pathways
2015Fall EER 396 Decision Pathways
2014Fall EER 396 Decision Pathways

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