Sean is the Program Manager for the Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC), a multimillion dollar and internationally recognized research organization dedicated to achieving a transformational understanding of subsurface oil and natural gas reservoirs through the deployment of micro- and nano-sensors. Founded in 2008 by Scott Tinker and Jay Kipper at the Bureau of Economic Geology, the consortium's membership includes some of the industry's largest oil and gas production and service companies. Sean is currently responsible for a team of Project Managers who oversee 30+ individual research projects at leading universities and research institutes around the world, including several here at the University of Texas at Austin. The AEC's research is organized within a framework of four technical "thrust" areas: Mobility, Contrast Agents, Nanomaterial Sensors and Microfabricated Sensors.

Sean began his career in Texas in the early 1980's, drilling the Hockley salt dome near Houston for Marathon Resources in search of base metal sulfides. He moved to Austin to join Motorola, where he spent 15 years working in semiconductor process engineering, marketing, and research and development; during this time Sean completed an MBA at the Univ. of Texas. After managing Motorola's photolithography technology alliances in its Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory (APRDL), Sean left to join SEMATECH, an Austin-based semiconductor research consortium, where he worked from 1999 to 2007. Sean has degrees in Geology from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and the University of Georgia. He is married to a University of Texas research scientist, and together they have three sons.

Areas of Expertise

Management of Industry Consortia, Technology Transfer, Nanoscience, Nanotechnology.