Researcher Profile

Jackson School of Geosciences

Herbert S Hamlin

Herbert S Hamlin
Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences

Work: +1 512 475 9527
Office: BEG 3.112P
Mailcode: E0630

Areas of Expertise

Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and depositional systems integrating subsurface data (geophysical logs and cores) with outcrops. Applications in hydrogeology and petroleum geology.

A. L. Cox Best Poster Award - Southwest Section American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2012)

Co-Editor, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (2012)

Wolfberry Play, Midland Basin, Permian Basin Section SEPM, Midland, Texas (2013)

Wolfberry Play, Midland Basin, Real Estate, Oil and Gas Conference, San Antonio, Texas (2013)

Depositional and diagenetic controls on reservoir quality, Spraberry and Dean sandstones, Midland Basin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, Texas (2010)

Synorogenic slope and basin depositional systems, Ozona sandstone, Val Verde Basin, southwest Texas, Fort Worth Geological Society, Fort Worth, Texas (2009)

Gulf Coast aquifer, salt domes, and water quality, Gulf Coast Irrigation Conference, Sinton, Texas (2008)

Salt domes in the Gulf Coast aquifer, Aquifers of the Gulf Coast Conference, Corpus Christi, Texas (2006)