Research Interests: Sedimentary processes of continental margin environments, particle-reactive radiotracers for geochronology, processes of strata formation, high-concentration suspended sediment/cohesive seabed interactions, acoustic and optical seafloor mapping, sediment transport in river channels, microfabric of modern sediments, use of GIS/remote sensing analysis for examining coastal geological processes.

Areas of Expertise

Sedimentology of upper continental margin, microfabric of modern sediments, Quaternary geologic evolution and sedimentary processes of deltas, geochronology, radioisotopes as tracers of sediment accumulation, sediment transport, remote sensing analysis of coastal geological processes, seafloor mapping, contaminated sediment depocenters and transport mechanisms

Current Research Programs & Projects

Sediment Dynamics in the Lower Mississippi River Channel in Louisiana (State of Louisiana and US Army Corps of Engineers)

Wave-sediment Interactions in Muddy Seafloor Environments (Office of Naval Research)

Developing a Sediment Budget for the Lower Mississippi-Atchafalaya River in Louisiana (State of Louisiana and US Army Corps of Engineers)

Implications of Black Mangrove Colony Expansion in Gulf of Mexico Coastal Wetlands on Sea Level-induced Land Loss and Estuarine Productivity (Department of Energy)

Developing a High-resolution Late Holocene Sediment Record of Rapid Arctic Climate Change from the Colville Delta and Adjacent Beaufort Sea Inner Shelf (National Science Foundation)

Walter Geology Award - Jackson School of Geosciences (2010)

Graduate Students

Michael T Ramirez, Ph.D., expected 2017 (Supervisor)