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Jackson School of Geosciences

Kirk D McIntosh

Kirk D McIntosh
Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences

Work: +1 512 471 0480, +1 512 471 6156
Office: ROC 3.222
Mailcode: R2200
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Dr. McIntosh is interested in the structure and development of continental margins along convergent and transpressive plate boundaries. His work investigates the structures and processes ranging from crustal scale to (large) outcrop scale that can be studied using seismic reflection and refraction data, sidescan sonar, and other geological and geophysical tools. Among these processes are sediment accretion, subduction, and erosion at convergent margins, forearc and backarc extension and compression, fluid dynamics in accretionary prisms, and shallow-subduction seismicity. McIntosh's primary research sites are currently the Middle America Trench system offshore Costa Rica (where seamount subduction, the subduction of the Cocos Ridge, backarc thrusting, forearc extension, and a migrating triple junction pose exciting challenges) and Taiwan's continent-collision zone (one of the world's few sites of an ongoing continent/island-arc collision). To address a paucity of deep-structure data from this region, McIntosh and UTIG colleague Yosio Nakamura participated in a collaborative U.S.-Chinese seismic imaging project on which deep MCS profiling and seismic refraction studies were carried out with a suite of UTIG's OBS instruments.

Areas of Expertise

Structure and development of continental margins along convergent and transpressive plate boundaries; sediment accretion, subduction, and erosion at convergent margins; forearc and backarc extension and compression; fluid dynamics in accretionary prisms; shallow-subduction seismicity

Member, Ocean Drilling Program Site Survey Panel, and Data Bank Working Group (SSP subgroup), (2001 - 2004)

Participant, Marine Geology and Geophysics proposal evaluation panel , National Science Foundation (2001)

Participant, Successful reconnaissance survey to locate and measure marine terraces on the Pacific margin of Nicaragua, (1999)

Participant, Seismic data acquisition, processing, and interpretation related to oil and gas exploration in California from, (1981 - 1986)

Participant, Seismic data acquisition using Vibroseis and explosive sources at various locations in Colorado, (1979)

Member, UNOLS Regional Class Technical Advisory team, which will aid in the design and build processes of new regional class research vessels for UNOLS, UNOLS

Reviewed Manuscripts for Nature, Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, Tectonophysics, Tectonics, Geologische Rundshau, Geophysical Journal International, and Marine Geophysical Researches.

Reviewed numerous proposals , National Science Foundation

2014Fall GEO 191 Tpcs In Marine Geol & Geophys
2014Summer GEO f348K Marine Geo/Geophys Field Crs
2014Summer GEO f397F Marine Geo & Geophys Field Crs