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Jackson School of Geosciences

Jiangfeng Wei

Jiangfeng  Wei
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate IV (Exempt), Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences

My research interests ranges from the land surface processes, global and regional hydrology, to large-scale land-ocean-atmosphere interactions and climate change. The methods I used include theoretical analysis of the dynamics in the climate system and all kinds of model simulations and data analyses. The tools for my research include a suite of models, from the simple one-dimensional land-vegetation-atmosphere model developed by myself to sophisticated general circulation models, and a back-trajectory algorithm to track the water vapor sources for precipitation.

Research directions:

A. Land surface modeling and land-atmosphere interactions
1. Impact of soil, vegetation, and land use change on weather and climate
2. Sensitivity of land state and fluxes to atmospheric variations
3. Impact of climate change on land-atmosphere interaction
4. Impact of land model uncertainties on climate simulation
5. Use satellite observations to investigate land-atmosphere interaction and improve land model parameterization
6. Relative roles of land and atmospheric processes in the formation of drought

B. Water cycle research
1. Back-trajectory analysis of water vapor sources for precipitation and precipitation recycling
2. Contribution of surface evapotranspiration (e.g., from irrigation) to local and remote precipitation

C. Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions
1. Middle East dust and Indian summer monsoon
2. Air pollution in China

Areas of Expertise

Land-atmosphere interactions, hydrology, water cycle

2015Spring GEO 391 Coupled Earth Sys Modeling