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Inessa Yurchenko

Inessa  Yurchenko
Lecturer, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences
Basin Modeler and Petroleum Systems Analyst, Jackson School of Geosciences

Work: +1 512 471 1289
Office: JGB , BEG 3.132X
Mailcode: E0630

Dr. Inessa Yurchenko joined the Bureau of Economic Geology at UT-Austin as a research associate in July 2018 after completing her Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Stanford University. Much of her work currently focuses on geochemistry, basin modeling, and petroleum systems analysis in the Permian Basin, West Texas and on the North Slope of Alaska. Basin and petroleum systems modeling combines the burial, thermal and structural histories of sedimentary basins to model hydrocarbon maturation and subsequent migration. Her organic geochemistry work focuses on a number of data types including biomarkers, diamondoids, and compound specific isotope analysis. Inessa gets to synthesize a huge range of different types of data sets in to a cohesive story about the evolution of sedimentary basins and petroleum systems across a number of scales, focusing on the research questions, rather than the tools used. Much of her research is necessarily applied as it deals with understanding hydrocarbon producing systems. However, many of the techniques and research fields developed to aid in hydrocarbon exploration can provide valuable insights in to more academically minded earth history questions. For example, petroleum source rocks are often shales, and by studying them we learn not only about quantity, quality and thermal maturity of organic matter, but also redox state, productivity, and overall paleo-environment of the ocean or lake that the shale was deposited in.

Areas of Expertise

Petroleum geology and geochemistry, petroleum systems analysis, basin modeling, oceanic anoxic events, chemostratigraphy, conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources, shale resource systems, Arctic geology and petroleum potential, marine geology, and paleoclimate research.

Current Research Programs & Projects

Tight Oil Resource Assessment (TORA) ( view )

Alaska North Slope Integrated Projects Program

2019Fall GEO 491 Global Superbasins