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Jackson School of Geosciences

Hilary C Olson

Hilary C Olson
Program Manager, Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering

Work: +1 512 653 8356
Office: CPE 5.168A
Mailcode: C0300

Hilary Olson specializes in stratigraphic studies using seismic, core and biostratigraphic data. She has also been working in the area of teacher professional development for the last 10 years. Currently, Hilary is working on three projects at the Institute for Geophysics. As part of her industry-sponsored Gulf Intraslope Basins (GIB) project, Hilary and her colleagues are looking at depositional styles in the Gulf of Mexico in relationship to glacial and interglacial cycles. As part of the Gulf Basin Depositional Synthesis (GBDS) team, she is responsible for incorporating biostratigraphic data into the project to better understand the geologic timing of events in the geologic history of the Gulf of Mexico. Hilary's role in the TXESS (TeXas Earth and Space Science) Revolution program is delivering professional development for teachers in Earth and Space Science throughout the state of Texas.

Areas of Expertise

Biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental analysis of foraminifera

Presentation, Late Pleistocene Clacioeustatic Controls of Stratigraphic Development Offshore, New Jersey, GSA 2000 Annual Meeting (2000)

Presentation, "Integrated Approaches to Studying Sea-Level Changes: Examples from the Gulf of Mexico and the New Jersey margin using IPS software", AAPG 1999 Annual Meeting (1999)

Presentation, "Integrated Climate Record from Pleistocene Sediments of the New Jersey Margin", AAPG 1999 Annual Meeting (1999)

Presentation, Knowledge-based Applications in Computational Stratigraphy", GCAGS 1999 Meeting (1999)

Presentation, High-Resolution seismic facies analysis of latest Quaternary slope sediments, Gulf of Mexico", AAPG 1998 Annual Meeting (1998)

Presentation, "Development of a sand provenance model for volcaniclastic units associated with hotspot island chains and submarine plateaus and application to a possible accreted terrane in the Kamchatka forearc", Goelogical Society of America 1997 Annual Meeting Abstracts (1997)

Presentation, "Paleoenvironmental evidence for latest Pleitocene sea-level fluctuations on the New Jersey outer continental shelf: Combining high-resolution sequence stratigraphy and foraminiferal analysis" Abstracts for Fall AGU Meeting, Abstracts for Fall AGU Meeting (1996)

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