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Jackson School of Geosciences

Alexander Klokov

Alexander  Klokov
Research Associate, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences

The main focus of my research is seismic diffractions and their applications in exploration geophysics.
I study correlation between seismic diffractivity and rock properties - lithology, fracturing, brittleness.
Also, I work on seismic imaging and seismic processing problems.

I received my Ph.D. in Seismic Imaging (2010), a Master of Science (2007), and Bachelor of
Science (2005) in Seismic Processing, all from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
in Moscow.

Before joining the Bureau of Economic Geology in 2011, I worked as a Research Fellow for the
University of Pau in France.

Areas of Expertise

Seismic diffractions, fracture characterization, seismic processing, seismic imaging

Manuscript Reviewer, Interpretation, (2014 - Present)

Judge, Annual Jackson School of Geosciences Research Symposium (2014)

Proposal Reviewer, Ralph Powe Award Program, ORAU (2014 - Present)

Abstract Reviewer, SEG Technical Program (2014 - Present)

Proposal Reviewer, ORAU (2013 - Present)

Manuscript Reviewer, Geophysics, (2012 - Present)

Manuscript Reviewer, Geophysical Prospecting, (2012 - Present)

Seismic diffraction imaging, one migration dip at a time, SEG Convention, Houston, TX (2013)

Applications of migrated dip-angle gathers, SEG post-convention workshop, Houston, TX (2013)

Optimal migration aperture for conflicting dips, SEG Convention, Las Vegas, NV (2012)

Diffraction imaging in the dip-angle domain - Viking Graben case study, EAGE Convention, Copenhagen, Denmark (2012)

3D diffraction imaging and analysis of the Piceance Basin, SEG post-convention workshop, Las Vegas, NV (2012)

Separation and imaging of seismic diffractions using migrated dip-angle gathers, ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX (2012)

Point and edge diffractions in three dimensions, EAGE Convention, Vienna, Austria (2011)

Separation and imaging of seismic diffractions in the dip-angle domain, EAGE Convention, Barcelona, Spain (2010)

Diffraction imaging for fracture detection: synthetic case study, SEG Convention, Denver, CO (2010)

Multidimensional moveout estimation, SEG Convention, Houston, TX (2009)