Abstract Submission

Deadline: Dec. 15, 2014

Students presenting research must be listed as first author (only one submission per student please). Submit your abstract to the GSEC gmail address by NO LATER THAN Dec 15th. Please use the MS Word template and the formatting contained in the template. Abstract text must be a maximum of 500 words and be submitted to a research theme (CCG, EG, MG, PS, SETP, SHP) and a judging category (Undergraduate, Early-Career Graduate, Late-Career Masters, Late-Career PhD). Please refer to the Jackson School website for additional information on research themes and the judging and awards pages for more judging category information. We will compile abstracts into a booklet to pass out the day of the Symposium.  Please be sure your abstract is publication worthy and already edited. See here for examples of past abstracts.

We want everyone to feel worthy and welcome to participate in this opportunity. While it is encouraged to present work relating to your thesis, if you have not obtained significant results or are still in the initial stages of your research, feel free to present on something you may have done for a class or older research you have completed. This is an excellent opportunity to receive feedback and get practice presenting!


Email Submission Guidelines

Subject: Research Theme, Last Name
Body: Your judging category, and the name of your primary adviser or the professor whose research group your poster fits best with, if not your primary adviser. This information will be used to identify the Best Represented Research Group(s).
Attachment: Please fill out the Word template here and attach to your email. This template includes spaces for author information, affiliations, and abstract text. Please use the formatting contained in the template. Name your completed document lastName_firstInitial_2013 (e.g., LeVoir_M_2013.doc). Be sure to proofread your abstract before submission, as it will be published on the web.
Send to: gsec.jsg@gmail.com
Contacts/Questions: Contact the Planning Committee 


Emily Hernandez Goldstein