Abstract Submission

**The abstract submission portal is now open!**

Deadline: Dec. 22, 2017


To submit your abstract, please use the following steps:

1. Prepare your abstract in your word processing program of choice.

2. When you are ready to submit, click here to submit your abstract. You should log in with your EID and password.

3. CAREFULLY follow the instructions on the page.

  • Select your primary supervisor from the drop-down tab. (Even if you are co-advised, you can only select one).
  • Select your theme and judging category.
  • Write in the title of your poster (Capitalize all words except a/an/and/the/or/with/of, etc.)
  • Add authors IN ORDER, following the format {Last name, First Initial, Affiliation}. [You should list yourself as the first author]. You may add as many authors as you need.
  • Input your abstract text to the Abstract Text box.
    • Do not double space text.
    • Some symbols, subscripts and superscripts do not transfer when you copy-and-paste from a word document. We HIGHLY encourage you to input any symbols you may have in your abstract by using the symbol buttons provided in the abstract text form on the submission page.
  • Finally, add a few keywords you would like associated with your abstract.

4. Once your abstract is complete you should hit “Submit Form”

5. After you have submitted, your browser will bring you back to the Forms home page. You should review your abstract by clicking on the “Under Review” tab. You will have the option to “View” your submission. Please view it and check that all the text is correct, including symbols, names, etc. If you discover a mistake, you may “Recall”  your submission, “Update” it, and then re-submit it.

No submissions will be “approved” until after the Dec 22 deadline, so you may update it as necessary until then.

Contact Sophie Goliber at sgoliber@utexas.edu if you have any questions about abstracts or encounter any issues.