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Student Theses & Dissertations

Information about about completed student theses & dissertations in Structural Diagenesis...

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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Steve Becker | 2007-2009 | Fluid inclusion records of fracture opening histories

Virginio Neumann | 2003-2006 | Fracture systems in fine grained carbonate rocks

Department of Geological Sciences

Tim Gibbons | MS 2007 | Spatial scaling of compaction bands

Leonel Gomez | PhD 2007 | Characterization of the spatial arrangement of opening-mode fractures | [pdf]

Edgar Pinzon | MS 2007 | Fracture pattern prediction using geomechanical models incorporating diagenesis, with comparison to outcrop data, Cambrian Eriboll sandstones, Northwestern Scotland and core observations, Tertiary Mirador Formation sandstones, Llanos foothills Colombia

Ankur Roy | MS 2007 | Geomechechanical and diagenetic modeling of fracture pattern evolution and spatial scaling

Kira Diaz-Tushman | MS 2006 | Fracture tectonics, fracture porosity evolution and structural diagenesis, Cambrian Eriboll sandstones, Northwest Scotland | [pdf] | [html]

Meghan Ward | MS 2005 | Opening history and porosity evolution of fractures in sandstone, Triassic to Jurassic La Boca Formation, Northeast Mexico | [pdf]

Astrid Makowitz | PhD 2004 | The genetic association between brittle deformation and quartz cementation elucidated by scanned cathodoluminescence imaging

Petro Papazis | MS 2004 | Petrologic characterization of processes controlling fracture evolution in the Barnett Shale and their financial implications, Fort Worth Basin, Texas

John N. Hooker | MS 2004 | Fault timing in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Northeastern Mexico

Orlando Ortega | PhD 2002 | Fracture-size scaling and stratigraphic controls on fracture intensity

Christopher Hare | MS 2002 | Analysis of fracture clustering using the continuous wavelet transform: An example from the Marble Falls Limestone

Aysen Ozkan | MS 2001 | Diagenesis and porosity evolution of the Flathead Sandstone (Middle Cambrian), Wyoming and Montana

Javier Geovanni Moros | MS 1999 | Relationship between fracture aperture and length in sedimentary rocks

Orlando Ortega | MS 1997 | Prediction of macrofracture properties using microfracture information, Mesaverde Group sandstones, San Juan basin, New Mexico

Department of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering

Peggy Rijken | PhD 2005 | Modeling naturally fractured reservoirs: From experimental rock mechanics to flow simulation

Zeno Philip | PhD 2004 | Modeling fracture-matrix flow in geomechanically simulated fracture networks

Myeong Noh | PhD 2003 | Reactive transport modeling in fractures and two-phase flow

Yuan Qiu | PhD 2002 | Natural fracture characterization and modeling

Energy and Earth Resources Graduate Program

Chris Wilson | MA 2004 | Predicting fracture degradation in the Piceance Basin, Colorado: Can a surrogate measurement guide the way to open fractures and highly productive wells? A geology, engineering and value-of-information study