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2010 Selected Publications

Becker, S.P., Eichhubl, P. Laubach, S.E., Reed, R.M., Lander, R.H., and Bodnar, R.J., in press, A 48 m.y. history of fracture opening, temperature, and fluid pressure: Cretaceous Travis Peak Formation, East Texas basin. Geological Society of America Bulletin.

Eichhubl, P., Hooker, J.N., Laubach, S.E., 2010, Pure and shear-enhanced compaction bands in Aztec Sandstone, Journal of Structural Geology, doi: 10.1016/

Hooker. J.N., and Laubach, S.E., 2010, Using empirical trends in fracture size-frequency data to constrain subsurface fracture abundance. ARMA 10-325, 44th US Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th US-Canada Rock Mechanics Symposium, Salt Lake City, UT., American Rock Mechanics Association, 11 p.

Ozkan, A. Cumella, S. P., Milliken, K. L. and Laubach, S. E., in review, Prediction of lithofacies and reservoir quality using well logs, Williams Fork Formation, Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Basin, submitted to AAPG Bulletin.

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2009 Selected Publications

Laubach, S.E. Olson, J.E. and Eichhubl, P., 2009, Fracture diagenesis and producibility in tight gas sandstones, in Carr, T., D’Agostino, T. Ambrose, W., Pashin, J, and Rosen, N.C., eds., Unconventional Energy Resources: Making the Unconventional Conventional, 29th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference, on CD, p. 483-499.

Laubach, S. E., Olson, J. E, and Gross, M. R., 2009, Mechanical and fracture stratigraphy. AAPG Bulletin, v. 93, no. 11, p. 1413-1426.

Olson, J. E, Laubach, S. E., and Lander, R. H., 2009, Natural fracture characterization in tight gas sandstones: Integrating mechanics and diagenesis. AAPG Bulletin, v. 93, no. 11, p. 1535-1549.

Laubach, S.E. and Diaz-Tushman, K., 2009, Laurentian paleostress trajectories and ephemeral fracture permeability, Cambrian Eriboll Formation sandstones west of the Moine thrust zone, northwest Scotland. Journal of the Geological Society (London), v. 166, part 2, p. 349-362.

Eichhubl, P., Davatzes, N.C., Becker, S.P., 2009, Structural and diagenetic control of fluid migration and cementation along the Moab Fault, Utah. AAPG Bulletin, v. 93, no. 5, p. 653-681.

Hooker, J.N., Gale, J.F.W., Gomez, L.A., Laubach, S.E., Marrett, R., Reed, R.M., 2009, Aperture-size scaling variations in a low-strain opening-mode fracture set, Cozzette Sandstone, Colorado, Journal of Structural Geology (2009), v. 31, p. 707-718. doi: 10.1016/j.jsg.2009.04.001

Gale, J.F., Lander, R.H., Reed, R.M., and Laubach, S.E., 2009, Modeling fracture porosity evolution in dolostone. Journal of Structural Geology (2009) doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2009.04.018.

Gale, J.F., and Laubach, S.E., 2009, Natural fractures in the New Albany Shale and their importance for shale-gas production: 2009 International Coalbed & Shale Gas Symposium.

Sayers, C.M., Dahi Taleghani, A. and Adachi, J., 2009, The effect of mineralization on the ratio of normal to tangential compliance of fractures. Geophysical Prospecting, v 57, no. 3, p. 439-446.

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2008 Selected Publications

Lander, R.H., Larese, R.E. and Bonnell, L.M., 2008, Toward more accurate quartz cement models—The importance of euhedral vs. non-euhedral growth rates. AAPG Bulletin, v 92, no. 11, p. 1537-1564.

Laubach, S. E., 2008, Applications of cathodoluminescence imaging to the study of sedimentary rocks by S. Boggs Jr. and D. Kinsley, 2006, ix + 165 p.: Cambridge, NY, Cambridge University Press: a review: Geological Magazine, v. 145, no. 4, p. 605–606. Invited review.

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2007 Selected Publications

Marrett, R., Laubach, S.E. Olson, J.E., 2007, Anisotropy and beyond: geologic perspectives on geophysical prospecting for natural fractures. The Leading Edge, 26/9, 1106-1111. Reprinted in Fractured reservoirs: A compendium of influential papers (2008), AAPG.

Olson, J. E., 2007, Fracture aperture, length and pattern geometry development under biaxial loading: a numerical study with applications to natural, cross-jointed systems. In Couples, G & Lewis, H., eds., Fracture-Like Damage and Localization, Geological Society of London, Special Publication. 289, 123-142.

Olson, J. E., Laubach, S. E., and Lander, R. L., 2007, Combining diagenesis and mechanics to quantify fracture aperture distributions and fracture pattern permeability: In Lonergan, L., Jolley, R.J., Sanderson, D.J. , Rawnsley, K., eds., Fractured Reservoirs, Geological Society of London Special Publication 270, 97-112.

Gale, J. F. W., Reed, R. M., and Holder, Jon, 2007, Natural fractures in the Barnett Shale and their importance for hydraulic fracture treatments: AAPG Bulletin, 91: 603-622.

Gale, J. F. W. and Gomez, L. A., 2007, Late opening-mode fractures in karst-brecciated dolostones of the Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group, west Texas: Recognition, characterization, and implications for fluid flow. AAPG Bulletin 91: 1005-1023.

Appold, M., Garven, G., Boles, J., Eichhubl, P., 2007, Numerical modeling of the origin of calcite mineralization in the Refugio-Carneros fault, Santa Barbara Basin, CA. Geofluids, 7: 79-95.

Naehr, T.H., Eichhubl, P., and others, 2007, Authigenic carbonate formation at hydrocarbon seeps in continental margin sediments: A comparative study. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.

Hooker, J.N., and Laubach, S.E., 2007, The geologic history of quartz grains, as revealed by color SEM-CL. Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions 57, 375-386.

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2006 Selected Publications

Gomez, L. A., and Laubach, S. E, 2006, Rapid digital quantification of microfracture populations. Journal of Structural Geology, v. 28, 408-420. [for a reprint contact]

Ortega, O. J., Marrett, R., and Laubach, S. E., 2006, A scale-independent approach to fracture intensity and average fracture spacing: AAPG Bulletin, v. 90, no. 2 (Feb. 2006), 193-208. [for a reprint contact]

Laubach, S.E., and Gale, J.F.W., 2006, Obtaining fracture information for low-permeability (tight) gas sandstones from sidewall cores: Journal of Petroleum Geology, v. 29 (2) (April 2006), 147-158. [for a reprint contact]

Makowitz, A., Lander, R. H., Milliken, K. L., 2006, Diagenetic modeling to assess the relative timing of quartz cementation and brittle grain processes during compaction: AAPG Bulletin 90: 873-885.

Aydin, A., Borja, R. I., and Eichhubl, Peter, 2006, Geological and mathematical framework for failure modes in granular rock. Journal of Structural Geology, v. 28, no. 1, 83-98.

Laubach, S. E. and Ward, M. W., 2006, Diagenesis in porosity evolution of opening-mode fractures, Middle Triassic to Lower Jurassic la Boca Formation, NE Mexico. Tectonophysics 419, 75-97. [for a reprint contact]

Laubach, S.E. , Olson, J.E., Eichhubl, P., Lander R.H., 2006, Accurate and verifiable interwellbore fracture attribute predictions by linking diagenesis and fracture observations and models, Proceedings, European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers, 68th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Vienna, Austria (short papers & extended abstracts).

JSG Structural Diagenesis at 2006 AAPG Convention

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2005 Selected Publications

Philip, Z. G., Jennings, J. W. Jr., Olson, J. E., Laubach, S. E., and Holder, J., 2005, Modeling coupled fracture-matrix fluid flow in geomechanically simulated fracture networks : SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, v. 8, no. 4 (August 2005), 300-309. [for a reprint contact]

Milliken, K. L., Reed, R. M., and Laubach, S. E., 2005, Quantifying compaction and cementation within deformation bands in porous sandstones : in Sorkhabi, R. and Y. Tsuji, eds., Faults, Fluid Flow and Petroleum Traps, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Memoir 85, 237-249.

Boles, J. R. , Eichhubl, Peter, Garven, G., and Chen, J., 2005, Evolution of hydrocarbon migration pathway along a basin-bounding fault: evidence from fault cements: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, v. 88, 947-970.

Davatzes, N. C., Eichhubl, Peter, and Aydin, A., 2005, Structural evolution of fault zones in sandstone by multiple deformation mechanisms: Moab fault, SE Utah: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 117, no. 1/2, 135-148.

Eichhubl, Peter, and Flodin, E., 2005, Brittle deformation, fluid flow, and diagenesis in sandstone at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, in Pederson, J., and Dehler, C. M., eds., Interior Western United States: Geological Society of America Field Guides, v. 6, 151-167, doi: 10.1130/2005.fld006(07).

Eichhubl, Peter, D'Onfro, P., Aydin, A., Waters, J., and McCarty, D. K., 2005, Structure, petrophysics, and diagenesis of shale entrained along a normal fault, Black Diamond Mines, California-implications for fault seal: AAPG Bulletin, v. 89, no. 9, 1113-1137.

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2004 Selected Publications

Laubach, S.E., Olson, J.E., and Gale, J.F.W., 2004, Are open fractures necessarily aligned with maximum horizontal stress? Earth & Planetary Science Letters, v. 222, no. 1, 191-195.

Laubach, S. E., Reed, R. M., Olson, J. E., Lander, R. H., and Bonnell, L. M., 2004, Coevolution of crack-seal texture and fracture porosity in sedimentary rocks: cathodoluminescence observations of regional fractures : Journal of Structural Geology, v. 26, no. 5, 967-982.

Laubach, S., Lander, R., Bonnell, L., Olson, J., and Reed, R., 2004, Opening histories of fractures in sandstone : in Cosgrove, J.W., and Engelder, T., editors, The initiation, propagation, and arrest of joints and other fractures, Geological Society of London Special Publication 231, 1-9.

Olson, Jon, 2004, Predicting fracture swarms - the influence of subcritical crack growth and the crack-tip process zone on joint spacing in rock , in Cosgrove, J.W., and Engelder, T., editors, The initiation, propagation, and arrest of joints and other fractures, Geological Society of London Special Publication 231, 73-87. 

Gale, J. F. W., Laubach, S. E., Marrett, R. A., Olson, J. E., Holder, J. & Reed, R. M., 2004, Predicting and characterizing fractures in dolostone reservoirs: using the link between diagenesis and fracturing. In: Braithwaite, C. J. R., Rizzi, G. & Darke, G., eds., The Geometry and Petrogenesis of Dolomite Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 235, 177-192.

Eichhubl, P., Taylor, W. L., Pollard, D. D. and Aydin, A., 2004, Paleo-fluid flow and deformation in the Aztec Sandstone at the Valley of Fire, Nevada-Evidence for the coupling of hydrogeologic, diagenetic, and tectonic processes. Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol. 116, no. 9/10, p 1120-1136.

Eichhubl, Peter, 2004, Growth of ductile opening-mode fractures in geomaterials. In Cosgrove, J.W., and Engelder, T., editors, The initiation, propagation, and arrest of joints and other fractures, Geological Society of London Special Publication 231, 11-24.

Eichhubl P, Taylor WL, Pollard DD, et al., 2004, Paleo-fluid flow and deformation in the Aztec Sandstone at the Valley of Fire, Nevada - Evidence for the coupling of hydrogeologic, diagenetic, and tectonic processes. Geological Society of America Bulletin 116, 1120-1136.

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2003 Selected Publications

Laubach, S. E., 2003, Practical approaches to identifying sealed and open fractures , AAPG Bulletin, v. 87, No. 4, (April 2003) 561-579. Reprinted in Fractured reservoirs: A compendium of influential papers (2008), AAPG; and reprinted in Understanding diagenetic controls on sandstone reservoir quality: A compendium of influential papers (2006), AAPG. [for a reprint contact]

Olson, J. E., 2003, Sublinear scaling of fracture aperture versus length: An exception or the rule? Journal of Geophysical Research (American Geophysical Union), v. 108, no. B9, 2413, doi:10.1029/2001JB000419.

Makowitz A, Milliken KL, 2003, Quantification of brittle deformation in burial compaction, Frio and Mount Simon Formation sandstones : Journal of Sedimentary Research, 73 (6), 1007-1021.

Reed, R. M., and Milliken, K. L., 2003. How to overcome imaging problems associated with carbonate minerals on SEM-based cathodoluminescence systems : Journal of Sedimentary Research, 73 (2), 328-332.

Eichhubl P, Aydin A, 2003, Ductile opening-mode fracture by pore growth and coalescence during combustion alteration of siliceous mudstone Journal of Structural Geology, 25 (1): 121-134.

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2002 Selected Publications

Gale, J. F. W., 2002 Specifying lengths of horizontal wells in fractured reservoirs : Society of Petroleum Engineers Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering, v. 5, no. 3, p. 266–272.

Montoya, P., Fisher, W., Marrett, R., and Tatham, R., 2002, Estimation of fracture orientation and relative intensity using azimuthal variation of P-wave AVO responses and oriented core data in the Tacata Field, Venezuela , SEG Expanded Abstracts, 2002, AVO2 Case History Section, Salt Lake City, 261-264.

Liu, X., Srinivasan, S. and Wong, D.W., 2002, Geological characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs using multiple point geostatistics , SPE 75246, SPE/DOE Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, April 2002.

Hooker, John N., Marrett, Randall, and Laubach, S. E., 2002, Timing of faults and extension fractures in the Sierra Madre Oriental, northeastern Mexico: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, 52, 421-428.

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2001 Selected Publications

Marrett, R., ed., 2001, Genesis and controls of reservoir-scale carbonate deformation, Monterrey salient, Mexico : The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Guidebook 28.

Olson, J.E., Qiu, Y., Holder, J., and Rijken, P., 2001, Constraining the spatial distribution of fracture networks in naturally fractured reservoirs using fracture mechanics and core measurements : SPE 71342.

Holder, J., Olson, J.E., and Philip, Z., 2001, Experimental determination of subcritical crack growth parameters in sedimentary rock : Geophysical Research Letters, v. 28, no. 4, 599-602.

Laubach, S. E., Reed, R. M., Olson, J., Ortega, Orlando, and Gale, J. F. W., 2001, Fracture-surrogate analysis methods applied to Spraberry, Bone Spring, and Canyon cores: preliminary results, in The Permian Basin: microns to satellites, looking for oil and gas at all scales: West Texas Geological Society Fall Symposium, West Texas Geological Society Publication 01-110, 75-79.

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2000 Selected Publications

Milliken, K.L., and Laubach, S.E., 2000, Brittle deformation in sandstone diagenesis as revealed by scanned cathodoluminescence imaging with application to characterization of fractured reservoirs : Chapter 9, Cathodoluminescence in Geosciences, New York, Springer Verlag, 225-243.

Ortega, O.O. and Marrett, R., 2000, Prediction of macrofracture properties using microfracture information, Mesaverde Group sandstones, San Juan Basin, New Mexico : Journal of Structural Geology, 22, 571-588.

Laubach, S. E., Marrett, R., and Olson, J. O., 2000, New directions in fracture characterization, The Leading Edge , July, 704-711. [for a reprint contact]

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Other Selected Publications

Lander, R.H., and Walderhaug, O., 1999, Porosity prediction through simulation of sandstone compaction and quartz cementation : AAPG Bulletin, v. 83, 433-449. More about Geocosm

Marrett, R., Ortega, O.O., and Kelsey, C., 1999, Power-law scaling of natural fractures in rock : Geology, v. 27, 799-802.

Laubach, S. E., Marrett, R., Olson, J., and Scott, A. R., 1998, Characteristics and origins of coal cleat: a review: International Journal of Coal Geology, v. 35, 175-207.

Laubach, S. E., 1997, A method to detect natural fracture strike in sandstones : AAPG Bulletin, v. 81, no. 4, 604-623.

Eichhubl, Peter, ed., 1998, Diagenesis, deformation, and fluid flow in the Miocene Monterey Formation of coastal California: SEPM Pacific Section Special Publication, v. 83, 98 p.

Marrett, Randall, 1996, Aggregate properties of fracture populations : Journal of Structural Geology, v. 18, No. 2/3, 169-178.

Laubach, S. E., 1989, Paleostress directions from the preferred orientation of closed microfractures (fluid-inclusion planes) in sandstone, East Texas basin, U.S.A.: Journal of Structural Geology, v. 11, no. 5, p. 603-611.

Laubach, S. E., 1988, Subsurface fractures and their relationship to stress history in East Texas Basin sandstone: Tectonophysics, v. 156, p. 37-49.

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