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Recent News in Structural Diagenesis...

2008 Highlights

Getting started in Structural Diagenesis
The AAPG “Getting Started” reprint series provides key articles that represent some of the best thinking on a subject. In line with SDI’s discipline crossing goals, one of our papers has now been selected as a key paper for two volumes in this series. Laubach, S. E., 2003, Practical approaches to identifying sealed and open fractures: AAPG Bulletin, v. 87, p. 561-579 is featured in both Understanding diagenetic controls on sandstone reservoir quality: A compendium of influential papers (2006) and in Fractured reservoirs: A compendium of influential papers (2008).

Student Fellowships
Graduate students Magdalena Ellis, Peter Hargrove, and Juan Inigo are recipients of fellowships from the GDL Foundation for their research on the structural diagenesis of petroleum reservoirs and reservoir analogs. Other fellowship recipients in this competition are from Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Ellis and Hargrove study fractures in tight gas sandstone analogs in Scotland and in cores from the western United States. Inigo is working on fractured sandstones in Bolivia.

Centennial Distinguished Lectures
In 2009 Steve Laubach will present results of structural diagenesis research in the Bureau of Economic Geology’s Centennial Distinguished Lecture series.

Major New Funding for Structural Diagenesis Research
RPSEA announced funding for a major project on the New Albany Shale. Steve Laubach and Julia Gale are PIs. Other new funded projects include studies focused on fractured sandstone supported by ExxonMobil and by Shell.

Marrett receives grant for Argentina Structural Diagenesis Field Symposium
A private foundation will support a field symposium for students, prospective students, UT researchers, and scientists from industry and other institutions in NW Argentina. The 1st Structural Diagenesis Field Symposium, led by Jon Olson, was held in Scotland in 2007.

Eichhubl to lead Santa Barbara field trip
Peter Eichhubl will lead a field trip in the Santa Barbara area in connection with the November Fracture Research & Application Consortium meeting.

New Scanning Electron Microscope and CL
In a significant addition to the JSG structural diagenesis arsenal, a new SEM and CL system will be installed at BEG in 2008.

Structural Diagenesis Symposium 2010
Discussions are underway with the Geological Society of London for the JSG Structural Diagenesis initiative to organize a 2010 symposium as a follow up to our successful 2004 AAPG Hedberg Research Conference.