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Recent News in Structural Diagenesis...

2007 Highlights

Steve Laubach and co-author Meghan Ward (FRAC student now at Chevron) were the recipients of an AAPG Award of Excellence "Top 10" Oral Presentation for their paper entitled, Structural Complexity in Structurally Simple Fractured Reservoir Analogs at the 2007 AAPG Convention in Long Beach.

Julia Gale and co-author Robert M. Reed were the recipients of the EMD President’s Certificate for Excellence in Presentation for their poster presentation entitled, Natural Fractures in the Barnett Shale: Why They Are Important presented at the 2007 AAPG Convention in Long Beach.

AAPG Distinguished Lecturer Jon Olson has been invited to lecture on fracture research and structural diagenesis initiative results in 2007 - 2008. With Jon's lecture our structural diagenesis initiative will have had four national and international distinguished lecturers since 2004.

Dr. Jon Olson, and Ph.D. students Arash Dahi (PGE) and Aysen Ozkan (DGS/BEG) were recently selected for external fellowship support from the GDL Foundation for structural diagenesis research. More information on JSG Structural Diagenesis team site.

The cover of the September 2007 issue of SEG's flagship geophysics magazine The Leading Edge features project research results. The invited leadoff paper in the special section on fractures in this issue is by Randy Marrett, Steve Laubach, and Jon Olson. Their paper is titled Anisotropy and beyond: geologic perspectives on geophysical prospecting for natural fractures.

Julia Gale is the chair for the oral technical sessions for the 2008 AAPG Annual Convention in San Antonio. Steve Laubach and Peter Eichhubl are chairing technical sessions pertaining to structural diagenesis. Peter is also the chair of a session at this year's AGU meeeting in San Francisco.