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Recent News in Structural Diagenesis...

2006 Highlights

Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences Division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, US Department of Energy Announces further support for JSG Structural Diagenesis program See the announcement in the JSG Newsletter, November 2006.

AAPG Distinguished Lecturer Kitty Milliken describes structural diagenesis initiative results in her 2006 U.S. tour.

Journal of Petroleum Geology cover, April 2006 issue shows Geological Sciences M.S. student Kira Diaz-Tushman's field area in Scotland, and images from student research by Meghan Ward and Leonel Gomez in Mexico and West Texas. In the issue: Laubach, S.E., & Gale, J.F.W., 2006, Obtaining fracture information for low-permeability (tight) gas sandstones from sidewall cores: Journal of Petroleum Geology, 29, 147-158.

Kira Diaz-Tushman, S. E. Laubach and R. Marrett received the AAPG Energy Minerals Division (EMD) Best Poster Award for Fracture Pattern Heterogeneity in Km-Scale Reservoir Analog Outcrops, presented at the AAPG Annual Convention in Houston.

Julia F.W. Gale, R. M. Reed, and R. H. Lander received the AAPG Energy Minerals Division (EMD) President's Certificate of Excellence for Synkinematic Carbonate Fracture Sealing Cements in Opening-Mode Fractures: Characteristics and Models, presented at the AAPG Annual Convention in Houston.

Julia Gale is organizing the oral technical sessions for the 2008 AAPG Annual Convention.

Peter Eichhubl is co-author of one of the Top 25 downloads from Journal of Structural Geology for October through December 2005. Geological and mathematical framework for failure modes in granular rock appeared in JSG 28 (1), 83-98.