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Research Seminar on Structural Diagenesis consists of a writing workshop, critical review of literature, discussion of current research topics and reports on graduate student research in quantitative structural geology, geomechanics and structural diagenesis.

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2009 Spring Master Class Schedule

In Spring 2009 the Structural Diagenesis Master Class (SDMC) met on a reduced schedule, in view of the group member’s participation in Randy Marrett’s Tuesday evening seminar.

SDMC sessions were set for January 23rd, February 6th, March 13th and April 10. Aysen Ozkan’s tech talk is April 9, and Juan Inigo, Magdalena Ellis, Brandon Barber and Pete Hargrove were to present their thesis research on April 18th.

2008 Fall Master Class Schedule

DateTime PlaceTopic Reading
Sep 99 amBEGProgress review: Scotland field workMarrett et al m.s.
Sep 169 amBEGFormulating a hypothesisSelected journal articles
Sep 265 pmPembertonThe last draftBecker et al. submitted
Oct 104 pmPembertonWriting a dissertation proposalVarious historical thesis drafts tbd
Nov 1Held in conjunction with JSG Master's MeetingAustinPresenting research findingstbd
Nov 10Held in conjunction with FRAC MeetingSanta Barbara, CAPresenting research findingsReading
Nov 215 pmPembertonWriting as thinkingStructural diagenesis ms
Dec 12Reception: 5 pmPembertonPreparing a proposalRecent proposals

2007 Fall Master Class Schedule

DateTime PlaceTopic Reading
Sep 14 5 pm 5810 Misty Hill CoveEssentials of the technical paper TLE Marrett et al., 2007
Sep 284 pm PembertonWriting a proposal RPSEA draft
Oct 15-17 Class meeting held in NevadaConducting a Research Meeting
Nov 24 pm PembertonWhat to expect writing a thesis Various historical thesis drafts tbd
Nov 165 pm PembertonWriting as thinking. Class will review results of BEG publication retreat. Structural diagenesis ms
Nov 17Held in conjuction with JSG meeting JSG Master's MeetingPresenting research findings
Dec 7 5 pm PembertonPreparing a proposal Recent proposals

2007 Spring Master Class Schedule

DateTime PlaceTopic Reading
27 Jan.2 pmPembertonSeminar logistics and Piceance Basin studies statusEichhubl, Laubach
10 Feb.3 pmBlue WaterCrack seal processBackground: Ramsey
24 Feb.3:00 pmPembertonCement precipitation in fracturesBackground: Hilgers and Urai
10 Mar.3:00 pmBlue WaterEBSD and quartz cementationBackground: Haddad et al
24 Mar.3:00 pmPembertonNew research directionsBackground: Proposal JSG structural diagenesis proposal and current BES research proposal
7 Apr.2-5 pm: Concurrent with JSG seed grant workshopBarrow Conference Room, DGSStructures within sedimentary grainsBackground: JSG Seed Grant Proposal
21 Apr.8:30 amBureau of Economic GeologyLecture by J. Hooker: Microfracture classification. Summer 2006 field program final planning session (Follows Hooker Lecture)Background: Laubach, 1997
5 May3:00 pmBureau Conference roomFracture length & effective permeability evolutionBackground: Dahi dissertation proposal; Pinzon dissertation proposal

2006 Fall Master Class Schedule

DateTopic Reading
August 25Role of observation and theory in scientific progress Laubach: Research culture policy paper
September 8If I hadn't believed it I wouldn't have seen it: Theory, perception and the discovery of unexpected phenomena Hooker et al.: Microfracture scaling
September 22Mechanics and joints at Stanford: Recollections of two who were there --- Meeting Postponed Reading
October 6The role of new instruments in scientific discovery: History of UT CL research Eichhubl ms: D-bands
October 13-14 Fracture research meeting, Wyoming. Progress in fracture and structural diagenesis research Olson et al. field guide
October 27Formation of the Landian diagenesis paradigm: An eye witness history Diaz-Tushman ms: Fractured sandstone
November 17Crossdisciplinary reading and suspension of disbelief as a route to scientific discovery Ward thesis
December 1Advent of the Norwegian/Austin School of sandstone diagenesis by two participants Lander et al. to be submitted to Nature
December 9Student event & picnic Reading
December 15The Highlands controversy as a mirror for modern JSG research. Field trip planning session TBD

2005 Fall Master Class Schedule

DateTime PlaceTopic Reading
2 Sept.2 pmBureauSeminar logistics and review of field studies statusDiaz, Tushman, Pinzon, Laubach
16 Sept.3 pmPembertonInsights into fracture timing from structural diagenesisBackground: Engelder, 1985, JSG. Research report: Field studies in Scotland (Diaz-Tushman); Presented document: Opening fractures in NE Mexico (Ward). Discussion: Fluid inclusions (Eichhubl), diagenetic sequence in burial history context (Bonnell), and punctuated diagenesis (Lander, Milliken) and fracture (Olson, Marrett, Laubach).
7 Oct.8:30 amMain BEG conference Room, PRC, Bld 130, 10100 Burnet Road.Bureau Seminar Series: Regional study of subthrust fractures, Kira Diaz TushmanPresented document: JSG Seed Grant proposal (Hooker). Discussion:Structural diagenesis initiatives and presentation at AAPG Paris (Milliken); Piceance basin data set; fractured carbonate research (Gale).
14 Oct.3 pmPembertonFractures as probes of diagenetic processes [Also: FRAC Nov 5 event planning]Background: Laubach, Lander et al. diagenesis model section BES proposal. Presented documents: Mechanics of fracture in context of diagenesis (paper section, Olson); Fractured dolostone/section (Gale). Discussion: tbd
4 Nov. Note: this is the Friday before the 2005 FRAC Student Event3 pmPembertonEvolution of fracture size from structural and diagenetic perspectiveBackground: Olson 2003 & 2005. Presented document: Issues in fracture length research (Pinzon). Aspects of fracture spatial scaling (Gomez). Discussion: Challenges of measuring fracture length in outcrop (Marrett); Problems in unraveling compatible fracture length data from mechanical models (Olson). Applying fracture length data to flow simulation. Reservoir applications in fold/thrust setting (reservoir example)
18 Nov.12-2 pmPembertonPore pressure and deep basin fracture processesLeader, Olson, Milliken. Presented document: Fracture arrays in Cambrian Eriboll Gp sandstones/paper section (Diaz Tushman). Discussion:Unraveling pore pressure effects in fracture pattern development. Background reading: Implications of fracture opening rate information derived from linked mechanical and diagenesis principles and bridge structure observations for global fracture growth models (BES proposal text). Pore pressure hypothesis for sandstone fractures in Rockies (Cumella/Scheevel manuscript and references therein).
9 Dec.3 pmPemberton. Reception to follow meeting.Rates of mechanical and chemical processes and their interaction: Emphasis on carbonate rocksLeader, Marrett. Presented document: Growth and sealing of opening-mode fractures in dolostones of the Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group, West Texas: Implications for modeling fracture systems (Gale). Discussion:Research on carbonate rocks. Background: Cupido dolostone spatial scaling and diagenesis document (Gomez)