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Fracture Research & Application Consortium (FRAC)
Annual Research Meeting

Held in late Summer or Fall, at various locations, usually with a field trip, this meeting brings together industry supporters of fracture and structural diagenesis research with staff and students from The University of Texas at Austin and collaborating scientists from other institutions for a formal annual review of research results.

The Fracture Research and Application Consortium (FRAC) is an alliance of scientists from the Bureau and the departments of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering and Geological Sciences that seeks fundamental understanding of fractures, fracture processes, and the interaction of brittle structural processes and diagenesis aimed at conquering the challenges of predicting, characterizing, and exploiting subsurface fractures in all types of reservoirs but with particular emphasis on unconventional mudstone, tight gas sandstone, and carbonate rock reservoirs.

Contact Steve Laubach or see the FRAC web site for more information.

FRAC Annual Research Meeting, 2008 - Santa Barbara

FRAC Annual Research Meeting, 2007 - Nevada

FRAC Annual Research Meeting, 2006 - Wyoming

FRAC Annual Research Meeting, 2005 - Mexico

FRAC Annual Research Meeting, 2004 - Utah