We are currently looking for motivated students who are interested in climate change, paleoclimatology, paleobiology and/or the application of organic geochemical and isotopic approaches to understanding environmental change. Please contact me if you are interested in applying to the graduate program at the Jackson School of Geosciences. TAs and fellowships are available for qualified applicants.




Dr. Shannon Loomis

Jackson School Postdoc
PhD Brown U. ’13

MRT Bryce Canyon

Dr. Michael Toomey

Jackson School Postdoc

Visiting Students


Andrea Jo Miller

PhD Allison lab
bGDGT temperature variability in the Artic over the past 2 millennia


Eugenio Santillan

PhD Bennett lab
CO2 adapted microbes in hot springs


Cody Routson

U. Arizona PhD ’14
Two millennia of warming in the San Juan Mountains from brGDGTs in high resolution lake sediment records

Maria Jesus Rubio

Institute of Earth Science Jaume Almera, Spain
Decadal-scale climate variability in the Azores over the past 1,500 years


Graduate Students


Veronica Anderson

PhD (Horton lab)
Molecular biomarker and stable isotope constraints on the late Miocene uplift of the eastern Cordillera of Colombia

wicks photo

Travis Wicks

MS ’12
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
The role of seasonality in the stable isotopic composition of rodent teeth from Hall’s Cave, TX


Curtis Bixler

MS ’11
BHP Billiton
Rapid warming and deglaciation of the Colombian Andes over the last two millennia


Vera Stoynova

MS ’11
GSI Environmental
New constraints on the IP25 proxy for sea ice reconstruction in the circum-Arctic

UT Undergraduates

Han Kyul Kyra Kim

Han Kyul Kyra Kim

PhD program
U. Delaware
Average chain length as a proxy for changing hydrology in Central Africa

REU Students


Jordan Jimmie

U. Arizona ’13
Hydrogen isotopes in leaf waxes from the sediments of Hall’s Cave, as a proxy for TX drought over the Holocene


Ijeamaka Okechukwu

U. Maryland ’13
Fractionation of leaf wax dD in modern plants across the SW USA

damaris 2011

Damaris Valero Diaz

U. Puerto Rico ’12
Carbon isotope indicators of Holocene productivity in the Chukchi Sea


Jody Wycech

Grand Valley State ’11
Preliminary analysis of IP25 in marine sediments from the North Pacific

Ruth Akintoye

U. Maryland-BC ’11
Carbon isotope indicators of Holocene productivity in the Chukchi Sea