Learn about paleontology

Palaeocast: A lively series of podcasts covering topics from Precambrian cyanobacteria to Quaternary marsupial evolution

The Paleobiology Database: Try the new Navigator page and explore global occurrences through deep time. Confused about the new PBDB set-up-this explains the changes

The Paleontology Portal: The fossil prep page, while geared to vertebrates, provides some excellent guidelines for any fossil preparation

University of  California Museum of Paleontology: Always a useful resource

Take a global view of museums

American Museum of Natural History: A ‘must’ visit online or in person at 79th Street and Central Park West in New York

Australian Museum:

Museum fur Naturkunde:

Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle: This museum is located in Paris but the online access is amazing for researchers

National Museum of Natural History: A wealth of invertebrate and plant fossils and microfossils form the major portion of these collections. An increasing number can be examined online, but definitely worth a visit to Washington, D C.

Natural History Museum: A terrific resource on line and in person if you are in London