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Surface Hydrologic Processes News Archive

Groundwater depletion is a massive problem worldwide, but aside from hydrogeologists and farmers, how many people are aware of it? This year’s Oliver Distinguished Lecturer, Tom Gleeson of McGill University, wants to make sure both the problem and its potential solutions are well understood—so well understood, they can even be explained at a cocktail party….

AUSTIN, Texas — A rapid response science team from the University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Geophysics will help map the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the beach/barrier systems off the south shore of Long Island. Follow our rapid response field blog with live updates from the ship. The team will collaborate this month with…

How to Build a Smarter Rock

Joel Johnson of the Jackson School has crafted metal rocks to mimic a natural stone’s shape and density, and then inserted custom-made electronics to measure and record the faux rock’s movements in real streams and rivers. The mission: to better understand how waterways move tons of rock and other sediment downstream. Improving sediment transport models…

With her research interests and enthusiasm flowing forth like a raging river when she speaks, it’s no surprise that Kevan Moffett studies the dynamic role of water in the earth sciences. As she begins her career at the Jackson School of Geosciences, Moffett will focus on the fields of hydrogeology and ecohydrology, exploring the relationships…

El Tatio: Science for Society

Last year, Suzanne Pierce was selected as one of the first 20 Fulbright Nexus Scholars, a group of early to mid-career experts working to bridge the gap between science research and the needs of society. The program is the newest initiative of the U.S. Department of State. Pierce’s project focused on helping indigenous communities in…

Perhaps the only positive thing about the 2011 drought in Texas, the state’s worst single-year drought in history, is that it ended up being the mother of all teaching moments. The lessons learned are not pleasant, but addressing them will give the state a fighting chance when the next major drought comes around.

With the rapid disappearance of its protective buffer of wetlands, New Orleans is becoming more vulnerable to storms every year. But recent research has revealed important clues about how to shore up these vanishing wetlands and generated new optimism about saving the delta.

FOX 7 News (Austin), July 25, 2012 Featuring: Ginny Catania

Fracturing of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Academic Minute (WAMC in Albany, NY), July 18, 2012 Featuring: Joe MacGregor

Dr. Bayani Cardenas – Hot Springs

Academic Minute (WAMC in Albany, NY), June 12, 2012 Featuring: Bayani Cardenas

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