Hurricane Sandy Video Hurricane Sandy & Rapid Response Science

Scientists from the Institute for Geophysics race to recover vanishing signs to understand Hurricane Sandy and help N.Y.-N.J. residents.

Phillips Cave Fossil Dig New Stash of Ice Age Fossils

A quarrying accident in West Texas leads to the discovery of a new cave and a stash of fossil bones from the ice ages.

Doug Lawson on the Longhorn Network Talks about the Discovery of Quetzalcoatlus The Discovery of Quetzalcoatlus

Decades ago, one huge discovery by a UT graduate student changed the field of paleontology forever.

Svalex 2013 Video Svalex 2013: From Austin to the Arctic

This summer 60 graduate students and 15 professors from UT Austin participated in Statoil’s Svalex Arctic field trip.

Marine Geology and Geophysics Field Course Marine Geosciences Field Course

Each summer, the Jackson School’s Institute for Geophysics runs one of the best marine geology and geophysics field camps in the world.

Jay Banner Spotlight video An Emotional Issue: Jay Banner

A Faculty Spotlight video featuring Jay Banner, a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the Jackson School of Geosciences.

Richard Casteel at Westcave Preserve The Secrets of Caves

A grad student is studying cave formations for clues to past — and future — droughts in central Texas.

Skeletons in the Closet video Skeletons in the Closet

Tour the Skeletal Preparation Lab and learn how a centuries old technique continues to yield new information for paleontologists.

The Tie That Binds - Jackson School of Geosciences Scholar Video 2012 The Tie that Binds

We celebrate those who have supported the Jackson School and helped make it a global leader in geoscience education and research.

Fossil Reconstruction

JSG postdoc and Danish specialist bring an ancient sea creature back to life—video hosted by National Geographic.

UT Video: Educating the Future UT: Educating the Future

UT Austin’s vision is to become the country’s top public university.

West Antarctic Ice Shelves Antarctic Ice Shelf Tearing Apart at the Seams

Satellite images reveal a surprising feedback mechanism that could accelerate ice loss.

Microraptor Video Thumbnail Microraptor suggests feathers evolved to attract mates

Julia Clarke discusses why this dinosaur’s feathers were most likely used for signaling rather than flight.

Henry Darcy Bust in Dijon, France Henry Darcy: The Man Who Saved Dijon

He’s sometimes called the Father of Hydrology, but in his day, he was known as the hometown hero who transformed Dijon into a livable town.

Identification Day Screenshot The Mysteries of Fossils, Rocks and Artifacts

Twice a year, the Texas Memorial Museum hosts natural history’s answer to the Antiques Roadshow.

Europa's "Great Lake" Europa’s “Great Lake”

This animation shows how Europa’s “Great Lakes” are thought to form below the icy surface.

The Hollands Tribute: David S. Holland Sr.

David “Scotty” Holland’s personal story and why he donated to the Jackson School of Geoscience’s new student center.

vid-outreach Earth is Calling

An outreach video produced by the Jackson School to encourage high school students to consider pursuing earth sciences.

Scott's Hut Scott’s Hut

A photographer/geologist takes us on a tour of a hut in Antarctica that looks and smells just as it did a century ago when it sat silently waiting for explorers who never returned.

vid-hiddenworlds Hidden World

Geologist and photographer Peter Flaig takes us on a tour of some of the geological wonders of Antarctica.

vid-more More Jackson School Videos

GeoFORCE Texas, the country’s largest carbon sequestration experiment, and much more.

Undergraduate Honors field trip to the Philippines, March 2013. Undergrad Honors Trip: Philippines

All-expenses paid—another great reason to be an undergraduate honors student at the Jackson School.

Hydro Field Camp

Students travel to New Mexico for hands-on training in hydrogeology field methods

Research Symposium JSG Research Symposium (Feb. 2012)

More than 100 students competed in the Jackson School’s first annual research poster session.

Bayani Cardenas does field work at Taal Volcano Taal Volcano (Philippines)

Prof. Bayani Cardenas studied interactions between groundwater and lake water at an active volcanic lake.

GEO 660 Summer Field Course Geo 660 Summer Field Camp

For many undergraduates, summer field camp is the hallmark of their educational experience.

Marine Geosciences & Geophysics Field Camp

The JSG offers one of the country’s only undergrad field camps in marine geosciences.

Undergrad Honors Field Trip – Pecos River

Undergraduate Honors students accompanied Prof. Charlie Kerans on an exploration of the Cretaceous carbonates of the Lower Pecos River.

gall-more More JSG Photo Galleries

Cuatro Cienegas in Mexico, Undergraduate orientation field trips in Texas (NeoGeo), and many more.