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Top: group shot of workshop attendees. Left: (l to r) the Jackson school’s Lisa Stockli, Cici Cruz-Uribe of the University of Maine and the Jackson School’s Daniel Stockli at a workshop social hour. Middle: “The Dude” ablates. Right: workshop organizer Nate Miller (right) with attendee Jared Wesley Singer from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Photos: Jackson School.


The Jackson School of Geosciences hosted the 2019 North American Workshop on Laser Ablation May 29-31, 2019, with a pre-meeting on May 28. Close to 150 people from 15 countries gathered to learn about the latest advances in the powerful analytical technology. This was the third time the Jackson School hosted the biennial event. The three-day workshop was spearheaded by a small group that includes Jackson School Laser Ablation and ICP-MS Lab Manager Nate Miller, who wanted to help create a workshop environment where scientists and instrument vendors could exchange information about a rapidly changing field. The event has been held at the Jackson School since its inception in 2015.