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2012 In the News

Geologist Gregg Robertson, head of independent petroleum company First Rock Inc., was named the 2012 Caller-Times Newsmaker of the Year for his role in the development of the Eagle Ford Shale. Corpus Christi Caller Times, December 29, 2012

How to Build a Smarter Rock

Joel Johnson of the Jackson School has crafted metal rocks to mimic a natural stone’s shape and density, and then inserted custom-made electronics to measure and record the faux rock’s movements in real streams and rivers. The mission: to better understand how waterways move tons of rock and other sediment downstream. Improving sediment transport models…

Austin American-Statesman, November 11, 2012 Featuring: The Bureau of Economic Geology

Linking Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change

Hurricane Sandy was dubbed a “Super storm” for its unusual formation. Kerry Cook, a climate scientist at the Jackson School, calls it a hybrid that was “drawing energy from the warm tropical Atlantic, but also from strong temperature gradients associated with the jet stream and the cold front.” Cook cautions against making any direct connection…

A spiky, well-armored mollusk that lived in the ocean 390 million years ago has been brought back to life with the help of 3-D printers. To reassemble the specimen, a team led by Jakob Vinther, a postdoctoral fellow at the Jackson School, made a three-dimensional model of the fossil using a technology similar to medical…

The Leading Edge, August 2012 Featuring: Sean Gulick, John Goff, Marcy Davis, Dan Duncan, Steffen Saustrup

New York Times Green Blog, Discovery News, LiveScience, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Houston Chronicle, Reuters, Nature News Blog, Businessweek, StateImpact Texas/KUT/NPR, August 6-7, 2012 Featuring: Cliff Frohlich

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, July 28, 2012 Featuring: Peter Flaig

FOX 7 News (Austin), July 25, 2012 Featuring: Ginny Catania

State Impact Texas (NPR/KUT), July 19, 2012 Featuring: Scott Tinker

Fracturing of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Academic Minute (WAMC in Albany, NY), July 18, 2012 Featuring: Joe MacGregor

Dr. Bayani Cardenas – Hot Springs

Academic Minute (WAMC in Albany, NY), June 12, 2012 Featuring: Bayani Cardenas

Reuters, LiveScience, Wall Street Journal (blog), Daily Mail (UK), Alcalde, May 26-June 6, 2012 Featuring: Earle McBride

LiveScience, Christian Science Monitor,, Climate Central, State Impact Texas (NPR), May 28-June 4, 2012 Featuring: Bridget Scanlon

Despite the Gulf’s long production history, much remains to be learned about the geology here – and an ongoing industry-funded program conducted by the Institute for Geophysics at the Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin (UTIG), is proving to be a rich information resource for GOM players who want to add to…

NY Times, May 17, 2012 Featuring: Chip Groat

“Geoscientists are needed to address societal needs more than ever, in the areas of energy, water, natural hazards, natural resources, climate, the environment, geological engineering and public policy,” said AAPG member Sharon Mosher, dean of the Jackson School of Geosciences and Farish chair and professor at the University of Texas at Austin. AAPG Explorer, April…

CNN, Live Science, Huffington Post, Climate Wire, Mar. 28-29, 2012 Featuring: Joseph MacGregor, Ginny Catania

Some 17 countries in the Caribbean region receive shipments of crude or refined oil products with preferential repayment terms under the Petrocaribe energy pact with Venezuela. But some nations fear oil shipments could stop post-Chávez. If that happens, everything from construction of new highways to the price of gas and electricity and tax rates could…

Fracking in New York: Risk vs. Reward

CNN, Mar. 9, 2012 Featuring: Chip Groat

New York Times, New Scientist, National Geographic News, AFP, Audubon Magazine (blog), et al., March 8-9, 2012 Featuring: Julia Clarke

CBS Evening News, Feb. 23, 2012 Featuring: Eric Potter

U.S. Oil Gusher Blows Out Projections

Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express News, Feb. 19, 2012 Featuring: Eric Potter, Michelle Michot Foss

Houston Chronicle, BBC News, Press Association, Vancouver Sun, StateImpact Texas (NPR), Associated Press, Business Insider, Fox News, Time (blog), et al., Feb. 16-17, 2012 Featuring: Charles Groat

TAMU Times, Feb. 15, 2012 Featuring: Sharon Mosher, Kathy Ellins

State Impact Texas (NPR/KUT), Feb. 8, 2012 Featuring: Cliff Frohlich

Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan. 22, 2012 Featuring: Michael Webber and Sheril Kirshenbaum

Experts see no big danger in fracturing

Houston Chronicle, Jan. 22, 2012 Featuring: Cliff Frohlich

New York Times/Texas Tribune, Jan. 14, 2012 Featuring: Jean-Philipe Nicot

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