In addition to formal courses offered in specific semesters (below), every semester Dr. Moffett supervises sections of both graduate (GEO 194, 294, 394, 698, 399, 699, and/or 999) and undergraduate (GEO 171C, 271C, 371C, and/or 371) independent study research and projects. If interested, inquire for details.


Course Number

Course Title

Spring 2014 GEO-346C

Introduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology

Fall 2013 GEO-371C (27745) 

GEO-391 (27960)


Graduate and upper-level undergraduate course. Content: Vegetation’s role in the Earth System, especially in the hydrologic cycle. Coupling of land surface energy, water, and carbon balances and the role of soil-plant-atmosphere interactions in them. Plant water and solute uptake, evapotranspiration measurement and modeling, assumptions, applications. Influences of soil-plant-water interactions on landscape patterning, ecology/carbon storage, microclimate, geomorphology.

Summer 2013 GEO-f376L (80885) 

GEO-f382C (80910)

Field Methods in Hydrogeology/Groundwater Field Methods

Graduate and upper-level undergraduate 3-wk field course. Content included: stream gauging, water chemistry, geophysical methods, well pump and slug tests, and vadose zone measurements; final student projects were on integrated hydrogeological assessment of the Gorman Spring area of Colorado Bend State Park.

Spring 2013 GEO-346C (27560)

Introduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology

Undergraduate course. Content: components of the hydrological cycle and water balance (evaporation, precipitation, transpiration, infiltration, runoff, streamflow); principles of physical hydrogeology (porous media, hydraulic potential and conductivity, flow nets, yield, storage, wells, well capture); basics of chemical hydrogeology (aquatic chemistry, rock-water interactions, redox zonation, groundwater contamination and transport).