kevan Kevan B. Moffett Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Environmental Earth System Science, Stanford University (2010)
B.S. Environmental Engineering, Yale University (2002)Kevan is a hydrologist interested in the heterogeneous, non-linear, and dynamic coupling of physical and biological flow and transport pathways in the hydrological cycle – particularly the physics of shallow groundwater, soil water, and surface water movement and how plant water uptake facilitates this movement or ‘gets in the way’. She applies these interests to study surface water-groundwater interactions, evapotranspiration and land-atmosphere interactions, and the hydrological and ecological exogenous- or self-organization of wet systems, especially coastal wetlands. Increasingly her group is applying interests in plant-water interactions to the study of complex urban systems, especially the hydrological and societally valuable roles of plant-water interactions, evapotranspiration, and stormwater management in cities.  Kevan joined the Jackson School of Geosciences as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2012. Kevan currently resides in Austin, TX with her husband and young son.  C.V.
Moffett Research Group:
Gerald Page – Postdoctoral Research Associate, WSU Vancouver (Summer 2015-present)
Peter Zamora – Postdoctoral Research Associate, WSU Vancouver (Fall 2015-present)
Molly Moore – Environmental Science PhD student, WSU Vancouver (Fall 2015-present)
Lauren Burns – Environmental Science MS student, WSU Vancouver (Fall 2015-present)
Allan Jones – Geological Sciences PhD candidate, UT-Austin (Fall 2012-present)
Alec Trusty – Undergraduate researcher, REU program, WSU Vancouver (Summer 2015)
Matthew Pruett – Undergraduate researcher, WSU Vancouver (Fall 2015-present)