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Hydrology, Ecohydrology, and Landscape Dynamics

The Hydrology, Ecohydrology, and Landscape Dynamics research group takes an interdisciplinary view of the linked roles of groundwater, surface water, plant-water interactions, and human water use in the spatially and temporally variable physical, chemical, and biological cycles of the Earth System. Our research addresses key coupled sets of interactions:

  • Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions
  • Plant-Water Interactions
  • Land-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Land-Ocean Interactions
  • Human-Water-Environment Interactions

These topics are combined in our current principal focus areas:

  • Wetlands: 
    • Ecohydrology and biogeomorphology in terrestrial wetlands, coasts, and tidal systems
  • Cities:
    • Urban ecohydrology, ‘green water’ cycle, green storm water management, water balances of greenspaces/landscaping/gardens/farms
  • Plants:
    • Biophysics of plant-water interactions, heterogeneity of plant-atmosphere interactions, plant vessel hydraulics
  • Landscapes:
    • Dynamics and spatial patterns of landscapes, linked hydrology-ecology-geomorphology-human processes, biophysical functions of cities and farmland within landscapes

We use field studies, numerical modeling, remote sensing analysis, and laboratory experimentation to answer compelling and important research questions from plant and pore to planetary scales. We are always open to new and exciting ideas, collaborations, and methods!

Contact Information

Kevan B. Moffett
Phone: +1 360 546 9413
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