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Microbeam instrumentation provides micro-scale imaging and non-destructive elemental analysis to projects ranging across a large segment of the research interests represented in the Jackson School. Electron microbeam instrumentation is available in the Dept. of Geological Sciences and the Bureau of Economic Geology. Outside users are welcome.

Dept of Geological Sciences Microbeam Instruments

Here is a list of the publications from the DGS laboratory since 2014 (updated October 2016)

Bureau of Economic Geology Microbeam Instruments

Department of Geology microbeam instrument scheduling is organized by a single session/unit (a daytime unit is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; and a nighttime is from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am of next day) in advance. Walk-in use of unscheduled hours is permitted. All users must fill in required information in the log books. For reservation for the EPMA, this form is required. Job description form. For all other instruments, click Google calendar can be used to schedule time.

Bureau of Economic Geology microbeam instrument scheduling is organized by Dr. Patrick Smith. Please contact him directly with project information.


Contact Information

Dept. Geological Sciences:
Research Scientist Associate TBD
In the meantime, email: Dr. Elizabeth Catlos or Qiqi Wang

Bureau of Economic Geology: Patrick Smith
Lab Director and Research Scientist
Location: Pickle Research Center, PRC Bldg# 131, Rm 1.210A/1.208
Office: 512-475-8786
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