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Campos Basin News

Petrobras says platform P-58 begins operation in Parque das Baleias

Brasilia, Brazil (Platts)–18Mar2014/308 pm EDT/1908 GMT Petrobras said Tuesday production platform P-58 began operation Monday in the Parque das Baleias complex off the coast of Espirito Santo state in the Campos Basin. In a statement the Brazilian oil giant said the platform was connected through well 7-BFR-7-ESS to a subsalt reservoir with excellent productivity. Petrobras…

Brazilian Oil Giant’s Platform Tilts, 77 Workers Moved To Safety

Specialists remain on board to correct ballast issue by John Pendleton  |   Monday, March 03, 2014 In the early hours of February 28th, a platform in the Marlim field began to lean. The Marlim field is a key component in the giant Campos Basin (which covers almost 115,000 square kilometers), about 60 miles offshore from Rio…

Petrobras starts P-55 at Roncador

Petrobras starts P-55 at Roncador

By Kathrine Schmidt 02 January 2014 03:19 GMT Petrobras has at long last started production from its P-55 semi-submersible unit at the Roncador field in Brazil’s Campos basin. The 25,000-tonne platform – the largest of its kind built in Brazil – left the shipyard in October and began pumping oil on Tuesday, Petrobras said in…

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