Voz de America’s “Foro Interamericano”

December 20, 2013

Voz de America - Pinon InterviewVoice of America (VOA) is the official external broadcast institution of the United States government. VOA provides a wide range of programming for broadcast on radio, TV and the internet outside of the U.S., in 43 languages to an estimated global audience of 123 million people; including Spanish to over fifteen countries in Latin America through Voz de America’s “Foro Interamericano” a news analysis program hosted by Patricia Dalmasy.

Jorge R. Piñon, Director of the Jackson School of Geosciences’ Latin America and Caribbean Energy Program (LACP) and Interim-Director for the Center of International Energy and Environmental Policy (CIEEP) addressed the panelists and audience on the need for good governance, transparency, and environmental stewardship in the development of Mexico’s recent energy reform.


[youtube AQDHTu-KTZQ nolink]