Quito, Ecuador, November 26, 2013 VIII ENAEP 2013The Encuentro Anual de la Energía y el Petróleo is an annual event which gathers Latin America’s oil and natural gas companies’ executives, public officials and regulators to discuss the regional development and environmental challenges faced by the sector. Jorge R. Piñon, Director of the Jackson School of Geosciences’ Latin America and Caribbean Energy Program (LACP) and Interim-Director for the Center of International Energy and Environmental Policy (CIEEP) addressed the annual event on the need for good governance, transparency, and environmental stewardship in the monetization process of resources particularly in the Western Amazon regions of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

Pinon with Ecuadorean indigenous leaders

Jorge Pinon with Ecuadorean indigenous leaders

Mr. Piñon also met with Ecuadorean indigenous leaders, including Jaime Vargas, president of the Achaur Indigenous Nation during the VIII  ENAEP oil and gas conference held in Quito this past November.   They discussed their concerns over oil exploration activities in the Western Amazon region which includes over 2 million hectares of ancestral territory pertaining to six indigenous nationalities—the Shuar, Achuar, Kichwa, Shiwiar, Andoa, and Sápara—who rely on the rainforest and its rivers for hunting, fishing, agriculture, and drinking water.

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