First Public Discussion Forum of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas

Energy and Climate Change Education

Washington D.C., January 16, 2014

Pinon at ECPA education regional workshopThe Department of Sustainable Development of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development is hosting this forum to support the dialogue on sustainable energy solutions and climate change mitigation under the auspices of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA). The purpose is to engage the audience in a debate over best practices and lessons learnt in energy and climate change education, and to build collaboration on this topic among the nations of the Americas. The forum will contribute to strengthen understanding of the clean energy market and identify new avenues for cooperation in energy and climate change education.

The Energy and Climate Partnership of Americas (ECPA) was initiated in April of 2009 by U.S. President Obama, in which he invited all western hemisphere governments to join in the partnership.  ECPA focuses on several initiatives; energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner and more efficient use of fossil fuels, energy poverty, and infrastructure.  Under ECPA, the lead and/or participating governments and public and private sector partners contribute resources to implement the initiatives. ECPA’s initial focus and structure was developed at the June 2009 Americas Energy and Climate Symposium in Lima, Peru, co-hosted by the Peruvian and U.S. governments and the Institute of the Americas.  Participants acknowledged the enormous potential to accelerate clean energy uptake in the Americas, identified opportunities for partnership under ECPA, and stressed that initiatives should produce tangible results, promote best policy and regulatory practices, and build capacity in the design, evaluation, and implementation of clean and environmentally-sustainable energy policies and projects.

Jorge R. Piñon, Director of the Jackson School of Geosciences’ Latin America and Caribbean Energy Program (LACP) and Interim-Director for the Center of International Energy and Environmental Policy (CIEEP) addressed the panelists and audience on the need for good governance, transparency, and environmental stewardship in the development of energy and climate change education in the Americas.