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Central America

U.S. Geological Survey reports on Latin America

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is a science organization dedicated to providing impartial information for a better understanding of the Earth.  As the Nation’s largest water, earth, and biological science and civilian mapping agency, the USGS collects, monitors, analyzes, and provides scientific understanding about natural resource conditions, issues, and problems. USGS reports are published on…

Oil Prices and the Future of Petrocaribe

Oil Prices and the Future of Petrocaribe

Petrocaribe was originally created by Venezuela as a Cooperation Agreement for energy security among Caribbean and Central American Countries. In a decade 32% of the countries’ oil demand was met through this agreement. However, what happens when oil prices hit an all time low? Can Venezuela continue to provide stability to this mechanism? by Otaviano…

Clues from Ancient Maya Reveal Lasting Impact on Environment

Evidence found in Central American lands gives clues of a lifestyle that still impact today’s environmental conditions. Researchers say that Maya’s urban and rural infrastructure altered ecosystems within globally important tropical forests. by Rachel Griess, College of Liberal Arts, Sept. 02, 2015 Evidence from the tropical lowlands of Central America reveals how Maya activity more…

An update on Central American gas pipeline

A second reunion took place between representatives of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to discuss the importance of gas pipelines and its development through a public international bid. This proposal is meant to be executed in August on a regional effort to promote sustainable and economical development through access to natural gas. by Notimex…

Infrastructure: Energy, Central America Key Focus

The Latin American Leadership Forum will take place in Guatemala in June 9-11. At this event, energy industry leaders from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, will come together to announce upcoming projects for the Central American regions. One of these projects involves large oil producer PEMEX, and consists of the construction of a pipeline…

China: Latin America’s Financier

China: Latin America’s Financier

 After Brazil’s Petrobras was caught in a corruption scandal, China came to the rescue. A loan of 3.5 billion is on the table along with a two-year cooperation agreement between both countries. This is not the first time for China invests in Latin America’s growth. In a period of 13 years, the country has invested…

The Jackson School of Geosciences

CNN Dinero, December 10, 2014 In a monthly report, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) released information regarding their 2015 forecast demand for their group’s oil.  For 2015 the demand will drop to 28.92 million barrels per day, that is 280,000 bpd less than previously forecast. Our very own Jorge Piñon spoke with…

Latam countries launch plan to store carbon, fight global warming

On Sunday, eight Latin American countries announced an initiative to cut emissions that cause global warming. The initiative involves restoration of 20 million hectares of forest and farmland in order to use the land to store carbon in natural vegetation. The eight countries involved are Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru….

China-Latin alliance could set tone for Lima climate summit

At the current U.N. summit in Lima, Peru, negotiations are underway to produce a new draft climate agreement that will be finalized in Paris next year. All countries involved are expected to put forward national contributions to the effort, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. by Guy Edwards and Sophie Purdom, RTCC, December 5, 2014…

An Ailing Venezuela Trims Oil Diplomacy

An Ailing Venezuela Trims Oil Diplomacy

As Venezuela struggles with dropping crude prices, Caribbean and Central American countries are preparing for cutbacks in shipments of oil from the country. 13 beneficiaries of Venezuela, called Petrocaribe, have depended on Venezuela’s oil for the past decade. In return, they provide the country with diplomatic support on the international stage. by Ezequiel Minaya, The Wall…

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