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2015 X Latin American Forum on Energy and the Environment

2015 X Latin American Forum on Energy and the Environment

A unique by-invitation-only program; the Tenth Latin American Forum will be hosted in Mexico City, April 15-16, 2015. The theme for the 2015 X Latin American Forum is; Mexico: Knowledge and Discovery Through the Geosciences.


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Examining China’s environmental and social impact in Latin America

China’s recent investments in Latin American and Caribbean are having a great impact in these countries’ environment. Exporting to Asia has consequences on their natural resources which will eventually run out. In Brazil, the cost is 4.3 cubic meters of water for every dollar of exports to China. As for social impact, one of the…

Oil prices might drop to $38 a barrel in short term

Expert Jorge Piñon shares his hypothesis on the future of the energy sector. He believes that in a short term, from today to September, oil price might get to $38 a barrel. This would be happening due to a combination of an existing overproduction of 1.5 millions barrels a day that can no longer continue…

Barack Obama Visits Jamaica, Urges Caribbean on Green Energy

Following up with what was a historic move of renewing a relationship with Cuba, President Obama is now focusing on supporting Caribbean economy. In talks with Caribbean leaders, the President discussed possible investment on clean energy projects and even signed a statement of intent with Jamaica on a planned energy cooperation agreement. by Caribbean Journal,…

Obama Offers $20 Million in Energy Aid to Caribbean Nations

President Obama is looking to reduce energy costs and fight climate change. Through his administration, the U.S. is offering $20 million to fund different projects, including a 20-megawatt solar farm in Jamaica and the largest private wind-energy project. The administration is also considering supporting the region to cut back Venezuela. by Kejal Vyas, Wall Street…

Expedition Will Sample Crater Left By Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

Scientists will finally be able to determine the cause of dinosaurs’ extinction. Starting Spring 2016, a select group of experts around the world will have access to the crater in Chicxulub in the Yucatan Peninsula, where the asteroid struck our planet 65 million years ago. The University of Texas at Austin Press Release, April 6,…

China: Latin America’s Financier

China: Latin America’s Financier

 After Brazil’s Petrobras was caught in a corruption scandal, China came to the rescue. A loan of 3.5 billion is on the table along with a two-year cooperation agreement between both countries. This is not the first time for China invests in Latin America’s growth. In a period of 13 years, the country has invested…

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