Laboratory Commitment to Outreach and Education

Our laboratory and research group is very committed to outreach and eduction. The PI and graduate students have been involved in minority outreach and recruiting efforts with the goal of exposing minority students to modern geochemistry, geochronology, and thermochronology and their application to geology, tectonics, petrology, and stratigraphy. Stockli has a long track record of recruiting and training minority graduate students and teaching short courses and training students through summer internships from under-represented and minority groups. These efforts have been supported by NSF, the Jackson School of Geosciences, and industry. Stockli has built a strong collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.

UTChron Summer Minority Internship Program

In the summer of 2014, 3 minority undergraduate students from Texas and Puerto Rico participated in our two-month summer internship program. Students were trained in project design, field work, field sampling, mineral separation, zircon U-Pb LA-ICP-MS geochronology, and apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He dating through theoretic lectures and hands-on research-style projects. The program also involved two UT minority Ph.D. students (Emily Hernandez Goldstein and Edgardo Pujols) as mentors. The program allowed the students to carry out their own, hands-on project from start to finish.

Please contact Daniel Stockli for more information or if you are interested in participating in 2016 activities or if you would like to support this program. Topics for 2016 include the following opportunites.

(1) Detrital U-Pb geochronology in the Elko Basin, NV – in collaboration with Liz Cassel (Univ of Idaho) and one of her PhD students. The project would involve 2-4 weeks of field work in Nevada and 4-6 weeks of work in my laboratories at UT. The laboratory work will include lectures, one-on-one training, analytical work, and presentation of the final results. The student will also have UT mentor during the laboratory work.

(2) Detrital U-Pb double dating of the Swalik’s in NW India. Unfortunately, given the monsoon etc, we cannot offer a field component for this project during the summer, but would likely still expose the student to some field component in the Texas or the W USA. The project would involve work on existing rocks from the Swaliks (NW India foreland basin) including U-Pb and (U-Th)/He zircon double dating. These rocks straddle an important aspect of the tectonic and climatic evolution of the Himalayas. The student will also have UT mentor during the laboratory work.