Students Raising Students

Students Raising Students (SRS) is a collaborative effort between GSEC and other Jackson School undergraduate and graduate student groups.

The Students Raising Students (SRS) organization aims to unify all students in the Jackson School of Geoscience through a multi-tier mentorship program and a volunteer listing for community-wide outreach opportunities. SRS will bring together new undergraduate, late career undergraduate, new graduate and late career graduate students so that we may sustain a self-supportive mentorship chain. The organization will continue to support the efforts of GeoForce by fundraising money to continue outreach to the 8th-12th grade students in the greater Texas area.

To learn more about SRS’s three main objectives click on the links below:

1) Fundraising– SRS’s fundraising mission is to raise money for an endowment that will permanently fund GeoForce.

2) Mentoring– Are you interested in helping rising students be successful at JSG, or a future in science? We seek to provide mentors to any JSG student looking for advice or guidance, at any point in their school career.

3)  Outreach– We will let you know of outreach events hosted by groups throughout the Jackson School. Feel good, get involved and build your resume!