G.L.O.W. was established as an organization that is heavily involved in outreach activities for both young earth scientists as well as encouraging interest in the sciences among local young females. Below are listed some of the events that we have participated in the past.

Baldwin Elementary School


BaldwinBaldwin Elementary School hosted GLOW volunteers on April 1st, 2016 to come teach two 4th grade class about dynamic Earth and its’ processes. We did a deformation experiment with sand and dirt to show how compression can create folds and thrust faults. Then had four stations composed of the grades of metamorphic rocks, sedimentary structures, fossils, and different depositional environments. The students enjoyed hands on exposure to multiple examples and access to current geology students from UT. Hopefully, we inspired a love for Earth and science!


 Austin Regional Science Fair

Austin Science FairThe Austin Regional Science Fair took place in the Austin Convention Center on February 19, 2015. Members of GLOW teamed up with the Austin Geological Society to judge the Earth and Planetary Science division, comprised of extraordinary projects by middle and high schoolers! 



Science Night at Murchison Elementary

Murchison Elementary School in Pflugerville hosted a Science Night on January 16th, 2014 to help kids explore the world of science. GLOW members set up a table to teach kids and parents about rocks and minerals, including where things come from and what they’re used for in our society. Hopefully we created some excited, young geoscientists!

Helping Hand Home for Children

The Helping Hand Home for Children is a residential care agency in Austin, Texas that provides a safe home for neglected and abused children. They provide abandoned children witHelping Handsh a new home, school, and a supporting family. We visited the home to bring some exciting activities for the children and to teach them a little bit about earth sciences.




The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders is a private all girls school. They have visited the University of Texas at Austin every year and we have been giving them a small lecture with fun and educational activities for the past two years. The lecture and activity is related to geosciences with the intentions to spark their interest in the science. The activities that we have done in the past have been focused on hydrology, paleontology and general geology. We always look forward to seeing their exciting faces in the new year!


The following links contain fun science projects that you can complete with young children and adults:
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