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G.L.O.W. (Geosciences Leadership Organization for Women)

Welcome! The University of Texas at Austin’s Geosciences Leadership Organization for Women (GLOW) is a group within the Jackson School of Geosciences that promotes leadership, outreach, and community within earth sciences, impacting all members of the geoscience community. It was created by undergraduate students to encourage undergraduates, graduates, staff, and faculty member to work together to improve retention of women in the array of geoscience careers (e.g. industry, academia) as well as increase the rates of young women and girls in primary schools considering science as an option of future education and careers. We perform outreach activities while we work with schools (e.g. the Ann Richards School, UT, and local primary education schools) as well as regional groups (e.g. YMCA and Girl Scouts) to have fun and educational demonstrations and activities to teach the girls more about the earth. This includes discussing: hydrogeology, the energy industry, paleontology, “deep time”, and conservation of the earth’s resources. We also foster a strong sense of community, breaking the boundaries between ‘classes’ of geologists, and hosting events to bring all levels of scientists together. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!

Contact Information

Feifei Zhao
President of GLOW
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