Teachers, counselors, and principals are crucial to the success of GeoFORCE


Teachers, counselors, and principals are crucial to the success of GeoFORCE. They offer invaluable insight during the recruiting process. They help students with applications, and they help us stay in contact with the students throughout the year. Teachers are also hired by GeoFORCE as educational coaches for each of the summer field trips. In that vital role, they not only help keep our university instructors and research scientists on track, but help break down lesson material so that it is understandable for the kids.

GeoFORCE targets specific schools in rural Southwest Texas and inner-city Houston. If your school is in our target area, GeoFORCE will:

  • Visit your school at your request for science fairs, college nights, and other educational events
  • Invite teachers to Educator Workshops in the fall and spring
  • Talk to 8th graders in the fall or winter about GeoFORCE applications
  • Contact GeoFORCE students throughout the year to stay in touch
  • Offer SAT prep workshops to Juniors
  • Offer College Application and Financial Aid workshops to Seniors

Helping your student apply

GeoFORCE applications require transcripts from 7th grade and the fall of 8th grade, an essay from the student, and a letter of recommendation from a teacher, preferably in math or science. All of these things need to be submitted through the GeoFORCE online application portal. In the case of transcripts, they will need to be scanned first. Teachers and counselors can help by reminding students of the deadlines, and giving them computer access if they don’t have it at home. See the Student Application page and Instructions For GeoFORCE Online Application for more details.

GeoFORCE wants to make this process as easy as possible, so if there are technical problems that make it harder at your school to access the on-line system or scan in documents, please contact us. The annual application deadline is Jan. 31.

Become an Educational Coach

Educational Coaches (EC) are an important part of the educational team on GeoFORCE trips. They help the students learn by assisting the instructor, clarifying the material, and providing review sessions. EC’s also grade the daily quizzes and final exams.

Good ECs are enthusiastic about teaching, creative in their approach, and dedicated to helping students focus on higher level thinking skills. A knowldge of geology is helpful, but not required.

If you are interested, contact GeoFORCE staff for more information.