9th Grade Summer Academy

The 9th grade Summer Academy is the beginning of the GeoFORCE Texas adventure for Academy students.  The trip begins at the University of Texas at Austin where students stay in the college dorms and experience a bit of college life, well supervised, of course!  They will visit McKinney Falls State Park and other geologic sites around Austin.

The students will then get on a plane and fly to Florida where they will study the geology of the Florida Gulf Coast and the Florida Everglades.  Students will learn about carbonate geology, take a glass-bottom boat ride and see a live coral reef.  They will be able to compare and contrast the live coral reef with an ancient fossilized coral reef at Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park.  The trip focuses on surficial processes, and on sedimentary environments.  In the end, students will be able to use the geologic knowledge and the confidence they gained on this field trip when they return as freshman in high school and prepare for their 2nd summer in GeoFORCE.

  • “I have seen sights that have taken my breath away completely, met people who can make me laugh until my stomach hurts, and learned about amazing wonders of this country.”