2015 GeoFORCE Senior Day & Riverboat DinnerCruise Invite

April 2nd – 4th (12th graders only)- Thursday, April 2nd, Senior Students will meet at SWTJC in Uvalde, load the bus for Austin, arrive in Austin at about 7:00 PM

at the Omni Southpark Austin Hotel.  At about the same time Houston GeoFORCE Seniors will begin arriving at the Omni–Students will get a chance to intermingle.

Friday morning, we are off the hike, learn and explore Enchanted Rock State Park, have lunch, arrive back at the hotel for a college information forum, later,

a riverboat dinner cruise (3 hours cruising on Lake Austin). Saturday morning breakfast and home and in time for the Easter Holiday!

  • “I have seen sights that have taken my breath away completely, met people who can make me laugh until my stomach hurts, and learned about amazing wonders of this country.”