GeoFORCE Results

GeoFORCE is designed to increase the number and diversity of students pushing STEM degrees programs and entering the future high-tech workforce. The primary measurable goals of GeoFORCE are listed below.

1)   Engage students as 8th graders, build large cohorts of high achievers, and keep them in the program through high school.

GeoFORCE History

GeoFORCE students are recruited in the 8th grade.  This graph shows a timeline for GeoFORCE of number of students vs time. Milestones are noted along the bottom edge. The blue line is total students, and the green bars represent college students.




2)   Provide spectacular learning experiences that broaden students’ understanding of the Earth and emphasize geosciences and engineering.

GeoFORCE takes students across the country from Florida to Oregon.  We teach geology in some of the best field areas in the country.  The program is academic and rigorous.  There are exams each evening and a final exam.  Students must earn 80% on the final to be invited back.  100% of GeoFORCE students have passed the final exam.


3)  Achieve high school graduation, and give students the confidence, motivation, and academic skills to succeed in college.

Students who come from families with no college experience can be easily intimidated by the thought of a going away to college. The four-years we have with them in high school gives them time to build their confidence and skills so that they not only go to college, they graduate.


4)   Help students achieve college graduation, especially in STEM fields.


The program has a 100% high school graduation rate and a 96% college matriculation rate, with a 2% college dropout rate.  For comparison, in the communities from which they draw, high school graduation rates average 58% and college matriculation is about 50%. Here is where they go to school

GeoFORCE students study STEM fields at about 2x the national average. They select geology and engineering majors at rates orders-of-magnitude higher than their peers.


In comparison to national averages:

GeoFORCE National
Percent STEM majors 64 32
Percent Earth Science Majors 16 0.3
Percent Engineering majors 12 4.5

5)   Diversify the future high-tech workforce

GeoFORCE targets challenged schools in rural and inner city areas.  Our target schools in Houston are 98% minority, and in SW Texas, 88% minority.  They are also 75% economically disadvantaged, and about 60% of the students in our target schools are considered at-risk.  The demographics of GeoFORCE students reflects their schools.

  • “Before GeoFORCE I had never stepped inside a college or even thought about going to college… Now I want to study Petroleum Engineering.”