Increasing the number and diversity of future geoscientists

GeoFORCE Partners

The success of GeoFORCE depends on bringing together academic, industry, and government partners who have institutional and personal commitments to improving the lives of the next generation.

The financial support provided by our partners allows the students to experience spectacular geologic venues.  Venues that offer incredible scientific importance, increase their knowledge year to year of  the geologic complexity behind each experience, while understanding how often other sciences intersect and are involved in their field study.  This reinforces their attraction to science and math as well as other STEM subjects. Our partners share their passion for the field of geology, and interpret that passion into opportunities available in the workplace for our students

The personal commitments of individuals from our partners create one-on-one learning experiences, provide an opportunity to discuss careers with professionals, and make GeoFORCE the special experience that it is.