Increasing the number and diversity of future geoscientists


GeoFORCE has an annual operation budget of about $1.8 million, of which about a million is raised annually as gifts from sponsors or grants from federal and state agencies (See GeoFORCE Partners – Industry Partners).  Our sponsors not only provide financial assistance, they also serve on our advisory committee, attend field trips, mentor GeoFORCE college students, and provide college scholarships.  GeoFORCE grows every year as 80 new 8th graders are added, and the seniors head off to college, and so the need also grows.

There must be an identified and worthy return on investment for our sponsors. It is the intent of GeoFORCE Texas to increase the number and diversity of future geoscientists as well as to provide widespread acknowledgement of all sponsors.

GeoFORCE is fulfilling those goals. The 2016 Annual Report highlights the program in its 12th year. The visibility of GeoFORCE Texas and its sponsors is clearly evident from the enthusiastic support from students, parents, teachers, and community leaders.

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2016 Annual Report

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