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GF Summer Opportunities

 GeoFORCE Counselor

To apply you must complete at least a year of college and be in good academic standing.  Applications are encouraged from GeoFORCE graduates and Jackson School students. All majors welcome.

The application is all online (link below). We are asking for a statement on why you think you would be a great counselor. Half-a-page is plenty.

If hired, there is a mandatory counselor all day boot camp prior to the summer, in Austin, TX.

The Summer 2019 GeoFORCE Counselor Application has CLOSED

GeoFORCE Trail Driver

GeoFORCE has 4-5 trail driver positions open this summer.  To apply you must have graduated from college (any major), and have a clean driving record. The job of trail driver involves following the bus in a van and being the person available to separate from the group to pick up supplies, transport individuals, and handle medical emergencies. The trail driver also participates in the field stops, takes photos, and helps put together the closing ceremony shows.

Trail drivers might work 1-4 week long field trips. Because of the way they are scheduled, the maximum would be two in June and two in July. We are asking for a statement on why you want to be a trail driver.

The Summer 2019 GeoFORCE Trail Driver Application has CLOSED