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College and Study Abroad

College Applications

There are two applications that together cover many of the colleges you may be interested in attending.  For state schools in Texas, fill out the Apply Texas application.

For many private and some public schools, use the The Common Application for Undergraduate Admission.

Some schools use their own individual application, so if you don’t see your school on either website, go their application webpage for instructions.

Be sure you write down your login user name and password, because you will probably come back to these sites often.  In fact, write down all the logins and passwords you create.

One thing to be well aware of:  College is expensive, but there are LOTS of scholarships available.  Apply where you want to go, and ask to be considered for ALL scholarships available.

Did you know that some state colleges offer if your family qualifies?  There are requirements on SAT score, GPA, and family income. Here is an example of a few with the maximum qualifying family income. If you don’t see your college listed here, google it.

  • $25,000:  Sam Houston State, Texas State
  • $30,000: Tarleton State, UT San Antonio, UT El Paso
  • $40,000: Texas Tech, U. North Texas
  • $45,000: U. Houston
  • $60,000:  Texas A&M
  • $65,000:  UT Arlington

For more information, please refer to the link provided below for a PDF summarizing the college application process and financial aid information.

College Admissions and Financial Aid Tutorial

Study Abroad

Your college will have a study abroad office, and you should visit and find out what the possibilities are.  But here is something else you should know about:

The Institute for International Exchange offers scholarships for US students to study abroad.  Figure out where you want to go, and they may be able to help you pay for it.

Use their link to link to even more funding sources.