GF Grads

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GF Grads Events

Fall Event: Each fall GeoFORCE plans to invite all GeoFORCE Seniors to a career day trip, which focuses on career options.  You’ll have a chance to see your GeoFORCE friends and counselors, and spend the day learning about some of the more high-tech career opportunities available to science and engineering majors.

College Admissions Workshop: Each fall GeoFORCE plans to host workshops that will focus on how to apply to college and how to find financial aid.

Spring Event: Each spring GeoFORCE plans to celebrate your upcoming end-of-year graduation with a congratulatory dinner.

Semester Dinners with GeoFORCE:  We host a dinner twice a year in Austin, and try to get around to other cities where we have concentrations of GeoFORCE graduates — Be on the look out to your e-mail for news of GeoFORCE visits.


* Current seniors will be contacted by email or social media with further details.